The Concept Behind Tip 2 Tip

Tip 2 Tip is a 6-month quest on the Infinite Search, stretching from one end of the Indonesia Archipelago to the other. It's a journey about discovery, adventure, adversity and the people who share the laughs along the way. From perfect waves to unlocked mysteries, feral pirates to cabin fever, this voyage promises it all - minus a final destination.

Every week for the next two months, we will unravel a new chapter, a new trip, and a new cast on this epic mission. We've signed on a massive team of photographers, filmers and editors to bring each chapter alive in three episodes - from the intense, barreling perfection that we've all come to love Indo for, to an up-close-and-personal view at life between the waves. Join the Rip Curl team aboard the Quest 1 for a boat trip like no other.

A Quick Search History Recap

Rip Curl was born from the Search. It was not a marketing exercise and it was not pretend. In the beginning - way back in the 1960s - the Search was expressed in the actions of two young surfers, Doug 'Claw' Warbrick and Brian Singer, and their personal quest for a lifestyle that allowed them to surf and live by the coast.

Their quest grew into a company philosophy and then the Search in turn evolved into Rip Curl's lead brand value. The Search for waves, for snow, for a party, for a good time...

Today, the Search is Rip Curl's greatest inspiration. The essence remains the same as it did 40 years ago and the journey never ends...

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entry #1 by Pris

02/13/2011 16:42

I was just wondering..who are the people behind the camera.. the film/editing crew for these tip2tip videos? And who's the clever person behind all those one liners at the very beginning of the videos? haha you guys do an awesome job. thanks

entry #2 by Robert

11/01/2010 11:15

Why don't you have an educational/ecological component like the quiksilver crossing? Unless we demonstrate to today's youth that it's cool to think beyond the noses of our surfboards, we miss a relatively easy opportunity to be the leaders that our planet so desperately needs.

entry #3 by Nina Girtanner

10/21/2010 16:00

I really love the clips from tip2tip and especially the music - is there a list where I can see from whom the songs are? I LOVE the song in tip2tip ep.3.3 - maybe you can tell me what song this is?

entry #4 by sam

10/10/2010 16:50

by far, the best video journal of indo surf experience from sea level. mind numbing perfection begging the viewer to start planning next boat trip, nias, mentawais, telos, all points south. sickest travel porn of all time.

entry #5 by Garrick

09/28/2010 02:40

Which chapter and videos cover the stop at Panatian Island?

entry #6 by Maik Menezes

09/20/2010 16:06

Awesome style!!! i love it!