The Infinite Search

The Search was the driving force that led to the creation of Rip Curl. The Search always has been an infinite quest. A circular flow of evolution, discovery and adventure. Truly, the idea "Live The Search" is never-ending.

So on the Tip 2 Tip mission in the Indian Ocean, searching the length of Indonesia, a symbolic identity of that tireless philosophy was reborn: Live The Search in graphic form. When you see this symbol on our products, you can be certain it's original Rip Curl gear - made for surfers by surfers.

Preface: Floating Design Camp

Before the Rip Curl pros boarded the Quest 1, we sent a collection of our designers to Indonesia for the maiden voyage. Their mission was to soak in life on The Search, surf a few perfect waves, and come home with a product line and Live The Search logo inspired by the sights, sounds, and culture they experienced along the way. Dubbed the "Floating Design Camp", this boat trip embodies Rip Curl's mantra that in order to put out genuine products of The Search, every member of the Rip Curl family must Live The Search.

Neil Ridgway

Job Title: Group Marketing and Advertising Chairman
Location: Rip Curl International
I Like: Being anywhere outdoors with my kids
Boat Trip Tally:7
Boat Trip Favorites: 6 hour surfs, fishing, & talking story.

James Taylor

Job Title: Group Creative Director
Deptment: Rip Curl International
I Like: Boat food, spicy food, food in general
Boat Trip Tally: 3
Boat Trip Favorites: Winning super heats.

Chris Thomas

Job Title: Global Chairman of Men's Surfwear/Merchandise General Manager
Location: Rip Curl Australia
I Like: Bintang, barrels and hanging with my grommets
Boat Trip Tally: 3
Boat Trip Favorites: Taking our design references and inspiration on The Search. It was certainly more fulfilling creatively than a few days in Tokyo or New York.

Travis Edwards

Job Title: Boardshort Designer
Location: Rip Curl International
I Like: Surfboard riding
Boat Trip Tally: A couple of dodgy putt-putt boat trips, plus a few months on an engine-less boat in the Pacific
Boat Trip Favorites: The fact that the boat was our office; taking lunch & heading out on the ski to find some waves is about as good as it gets.

Milan Thompson

Job Title: Head of Design
Location: Rip Curl Australia
I Like: Food, family and friends
Boat Trip Tally: 4
Boat Trip Favorites: The crazy on-land adventures, jamming on art and product ideas, and waking up to perfect, empty waves each morning.

Gulliver Farnan

Job Title: Boardshort Designer
Deptment: Rip Curl USA
I Like: Tequila
Boat Trip Tally:Tip To Tip was my first
Boat Trip Favorites: Traveling all night and waking up to new, mind-blowingly beautiful places at sunrise.

Megan Easom

Job Title: Women's Surfwear Designer
Deptment: Rip Curl Australia
I Like: Exploring this incredible world of ours!
Boat Trip Tally: Does the Spirit of Tasmania count?
Boat Trip Favorites: The positive creative vibe we had - it was such a great way to get inspired!

Dan Warbrick

Job Title: Photographer
Deptment: Rip Curl International
I Like:  Skiing, classic cars and traveling the world
Boat Trip Tally: 8
Boat Trip Favorites:  Seeing the influence of the natural environment in all of the designs.


Daphne Yeo

Job Title: Graphic Designer
Deptment: Rip Curl Australia
I Like: Fishing, eating and dancing
Boat Trip Tally: This was the first
Boat Trip Favorites: Just having Indo as an office for two weeks.