Rip Curl's Bethany Hamilton & Alana Blanchard Host First Ever Keiki Classic Presented by Hanalei Surf Co at Pinetrees, Kauai


Bethany Hamilton & Alana Blanchard Keiki Classic Presented by Hanalei Surf Co. Pinetrees, Kauai

Costa Mesa, CA (October 21, 2013): Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard teamed up with Rip Curl and Hanalei Surf to host their first ever Keiki Classic at Pinetrees, Hanalei Bay, on Saturday October 19th. An increasing northwest swell brought solid, thumping overhead surf, but the Kauai groms were up for the challenge.

The first heats of 12/under surfers hit the water at the break of dawn to steadily increasing sets. While every surfer should be congratulated for taking on the heavy line-up that day, ultimately, 12-year-old Tiare Thompson won the final for the highest combined heat score of the day in the Girls 12/under division and 11-year old Kainehe Hunt, took the top spot in the Boys 12/under division.

The Girls 16/under division surfed two heats and a final and Mainei Kinimaka, who was a clear standout all day, ultimately took the first place crown, just ahead of Ashlynn Owings and Mikayla Savoie, who came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. The Boys 16/under final was won by in-form Lucas Angulo, who edged out 2nd place Reece Leonard and 3rd place Titus Leonard in some of the biggest, most challenging surf of the day.

While the first heats were hitting the water, the rest of the beach was participating in relay races and beach games led by Bethany's husband, Adam Dirks, winning Natural High, Rip Curl, and Spy prizes in the process. Bethany and Alana also set aside an hour and a half of the day to ensure that all of the competitors and beachgoers had a chance to get their poster, surfboard, book or cap autographed by the two of them.

Bethany Hamilton held an essay contest prior to the event to encourage the kids to value education and pursue their dreams. She awarded one brand new Terry Chung board to Daniel Lagana for his essay on pursuing his dream to be the head fire chief of Kauai, and the other board to Madi Makana Cate who wants to one-day be a professional surfer just like Hamilton.

Alana Blanchard also awarded a Sportsmanship award to the most deserving male and female. Kaya Lucas and Sage Tuttekow were the two stoked groms to personally receive these Channel Island boards from Blanchard. All the groms took away a goody bag with a custom t-shirt, poster, water bottle, and Flex Fit contest cap, along with Sticky Bumps, T-Mobile, Zico, and Spy prizes.

Bethany & Alana Keiki Classic Results:

Girls 16/Under Final

1st – Mainei Kinimaka
2nd – Kelta O'Rourke
3rd – Sunshine Patey
4th - Ashlynn Owings
5th - Mikayla Savoie
6th - Tiana Tomoda Bannert

Boys 16/Under Final

1st – Lucas Angulo
2nd – Reece Leonard
3rd – Titus Langridge
4th - Daniel Lagana
5th - Colby Sargent
6th - Kai McIntyre

Girls 12/Under Final

1st – Tiare Thompson
2nd – Keala Tomoda-Bannert
3rd – Kirra Pinkerton
4th - Gabriela Bryan
5th - Kaya Lucas
6th - Madison Sargent

Boys 12/Under Final

1st – Kainehe Hunt
2nd – Ryder Guest
3rd – Nathan Tucker
4th - Sammy Gray
5th - Cole Frye
6th - Aaron Feeling

Bethany Hamilton Essay Contest Winners:
Daniel Lagana
Madi Makana Cate

Alana Blanchard Sportsmanship Award Winners:
Sage Tuttekow
Kaya Lucas
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