Brad Holmes


Straight out of Tahoe, With a ski carrier that spans over 3 decades, Brad Holmes has been in the scene since day1, Brad Begin skiing at the age of 4 and never looked back Still to this day Brad is the youngest member to make the US ski team at the age of 15, Brad Was named the 23rd most influential skier of all time in ski magazine. He has over 78 carrier wins. With his competitive goals accomplished, he set his sites on big mountain skiing filming and searching for the deepest snow he can find.

Who are the riders that impress and inspire you the most and why?
Glen Plake, Seth Morrison, Simon Dumont, Tanner Hall, Daron Rahlves, They inspire me because they where born to ski there is nothing forced.

Describe your first day ever on a Skiing/Snowboarding.
I can’t remember, but my dad said I was a bad ass.

What was the scariest/gnarliest thing you did and why did you do it?
She was disgusting and there was a lot of booze involved.

What is the sickest thing in the world?
Lame People with power.

Describe your typical day:
I wake up way to early, and try to go back to sleep. Then I try to wake everyone else up. I try and stretch, and remember to brush my teeth. If it’s a powder Day I shovel off the cars and snowmobiles and panic to get the crew together. “Its way to crowded in Tahoe to Drag Ass.” It like Filmier Cross out there. We usually drag ass and just ski. If I am on my snowmobiles I spend a lot of the day getting stuck then I enjoy a heated lunch on my exhaust pipe. I usually get 3 or 4 epic runs in. Then it’s back to the house to get ready to do it all over again.

What does the search mean to you?
Never giving up, there is always a better place and a better line to ski.

What country has the most beautiful women?

What was the biggest cliff you ever hit?
Mount Baker, The beast.

What would you do if you weren't a pro shredder?
I would be pain free. Ha Ha - No I would be an actor Or a street person.u

Which area last year left the best impression on you?
New Zealand. It is always pretty good down there, there aren’t a lot of wankers when you go heli skiing, I like that,

Do you have a homepage/website? I am working on but some dork bought it and want me to give him money for it.

Since when are you riding for Rip Curl and how did you get to us:
I have been with rip curl for over ten years. I came to Rip Curl at the trade show I think. Rip curl Rules.

What are your plans for the summer?
I am working on a Shaun Palmer documentary called (Palmer the Miserable Champion) it will be out next year. I am going to Chile and skiing then im going surfing some where even though I suck. After that I will party with the rolling stones.

Any Last words?

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