Californian Pat Curren wins the 10 year anniversary Rip Curl GromSearch International final in the best conditions ever seen for a GromSearch final.

In one of the best Junior finals ever witnessed Curren and Willcox swapped the lead early until Curren took off on a solid set wave, pulled into a long, deep tubing wave and then added several critical turns to post a 10. Willcox came back with four excellent waves himself, including a 9.47 for a heat total of 18.63, but couldn't hold off Curren who added a 9.63 for yet another sensational tube to stamp the win.

Hawaiian Brisa Hennessy wins 2014 Rip Curl GromSearch International final in flawless waves.

Finals day for the women's Rip Curl International GromSearch started off with the two youngest competitors in the field, Brisa Hennessy (14 years) and Cinta Hansel (12 year) paddling out to perfect conditions for their quarter final. The crowd was in awe of the waves and the girls took full advantage by putiing on one of the best displays of women's junior surfing in history. The day finished in similar fashion with Brisa edging out Isabella Nichols (AUS) in a nail biting final.

Round one of the Rip Curl GromSearch International final completed and quarter finals decided at Lakey Peak, Dompu, Sumbawa Indonesia.

An increase in swell allowed round one of the Rip Curl GromSearch International final to run in pristine head high surf at Lakey Peak, Indonesia today. Both boys and girls divisions were completed with a progressive display of surfing to decide the quarter finals.

Surfers from France and USA make strong starts on the first day of the Rip Curl GromSearch International final.

After waking up from the spectacular opening ceremony last night, Competitors were straight out to the famed Lakey Peak line-up for an official Expression Session on the first day of the event waiting period. The European and American competitors took the honors in both the boys and girls sessions with Tim Bisso (FRA) and Brissa Hennessy (USA/Hawaii) winning the Outstanding Performance award for best overall surfer.

Opening Ceremony greets competitors at Rip Curl GromSearch International Final

On the eve of kicking off the 2014 RCGS International final, the competitors representing 6 nations, were greeted by a traditional Indonesian welcome ceremony. The groms were brought to the stage and proudly showed off their home countries flags. With traditional dancers, music, and a speech from the Donpur governor, we are officially ready to begin competition here at Lakey Peak.

10 year anniversary of the Rip Curl GromSearch International Final set.

International junior surfing competitors are arriving in Indonesia to prepare for the 10th anniversary of the Rip Curl GromSearch International Final, held at Lakey Peak in Dompu province of Sumbawa, Indonesia.For the first time in the ten year history of the prestigious event, the International title will be decided outside of it's traditional home of Bells Beach, Australia.

Rip Curl GromSearch International Final will be Lakey Peak in Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Lakey Peak is an iconic surf spot and an aspirational location for junior surfers all over the world aged 16 and under. The choice of location is perfect to provide the best junior surfers in the world with an awesome experience and to assist in the development of their young professional careers.

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About GromSearch

A global Search for the Ultimate groms.

The Rip Curl GromSearch is an International Series of events for male and female surfers aged 16 years and under.

It all started as a one day event at Jan Juc beach (Torquay, Australia) back in 1999 and is now in it's 16th year.

The International Final

The GromSearch has expanded from that small event to into an International series held in key surfing regions around the globe including the USA, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Indonesia, Hawaii, South America and New Zealand.

Over 2,000 groms compete in the world-wide series each year. National finalists are decided and then it all comes down to the last 8 male and 8 female competitors who get to represent their country at the International Rip Curl GromSearch final. This year we are taking it to Lakey Peak, Indonesia.

Past Competitors

The Rip Curl GromSearch series has been a great stepping-stone for the recent champions of our sport. Former International GromSearch competitors who are currently competing on the ASP World Championship Tour include;

Male SurfersFemale Surfers
Gabriel Medina (Brazil)Steph Gilmore (Australia)
Owen Wright (Australia)Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia)
Jordy Smith (South Africa)Tyler Wright (Australia)
Kolohe Andino (USA)Malia Manuel (Hawaii)
Matt Wilkinson (Australia)Laura Enever (Australia)
Felipe Toledo (Brazil)Alana Blanchard (Hawaii)


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