Bonding and Bowling for Rip Curl Team Day 2013


The groms of the Rip Curl surf team were treated to a special day designed to build team camaraderie and absolutely stoke them out! Sixteen of Rip Curl's 18 & under surfers hailing from California, the Carolinas, Maryland, and across the Hawaiian islands met up early Friday morning in Newport Beach to be coached by none other than perennial surfing icon, Taylor Knox. As they consumed their delicious Sambazon acai bowls, T Knox educated the youth about the importance of fitness and a pre-surf warm up routine.

As the groms huddled together sporting their new, surname-embroidered Rip Curl changing robes, they soaked in Knox's knowledge as he dug into contest strategy and tips for the upcoming events at Trestles and Huntington Beach. Up next was the tag team challenge, where the surfers were split into teams of four and surfed in a fun format in the 2-3 foot Newport peaks. In the end, the blue team consisting of Dorian Blanchard, double-whammy aerial master Brad Flora, Crosby Colapinto, and Cole Alves were crowned champions.

The second portion of the day consisted of a visit to Rip Curl Headquarters in Costa Mesa, where the team took a tour of the building and sat down in the international showroom for an hour of presentations from the Rip Curl executives. President/CEO Kelly Gibson gave an inspiring speech as well as VP of Marketing, Dylan Slater. The inspiring pep talks demonstrated Rip Curl's commitment to being the Ultimate Surfing Company and the groms felt a solid connection with the brand. Rip Curl EVP Rick Petri, along with the clothing and wetsuit designers, showed the grom's future product and the groms provided feedback on what is "cool" for the youth today.

To finish the day, the team headed down to Irvine Lanes Bowling Alley for some good ol' smack talking fun. Johnny Elles took down the highest score and a new phone charger courtesy of Mophie. As the day winded down and the parents arrived to pick up their kids, the Rip Curl groms were glowing with stoke as they made new friends, hung out with idols like Taylor Knox, and laughed all day. Congratulations to Wyatt McHale who was awarded the Team Day MVP for his surfing performance and overall good attitude throughout the day.

Special thanks to Josh from Sambazon, as well as Irvine Lanes, for taking care of the Rip Curl team!

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