Daniel Glenn Goes Back to Back to Win GromSearch Stop #3 New Smyrna Beach


The 2013 Ripcurl Gromsearch Presented by Mophie: New Smyrna Beach

Mophie Maneuver of the Event, New Smyrna Beach

Costa Mesa, CA (August 12th, 2013): The Rip Curl GromSearch presented by mophie hit the road once again, heading back to the East Coast for it's annual pilgrimage. The 3rd stop of the series landed itself in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where 95-degree temperatures along with sharks swimming in the shallows didn't stop the 84 frothing contestants from putting on a show for the packed beach of spectators! The waves were rippable all day, providing waist to shoulder high surf with clean conditions. With 16 RCGS National invite spots on the line, the young boys and girls from across the East Coast showed up ready to do battle.

In the Boys 16 and under division, last year's defending champion, Daniel Glenn was a clear stand out from the start of the day. Glenn surfs the beach breaks of NSB on a daily basis so he had the line up figured out and found himself on qualify waves heat after heat. Not only did Glenn take the win, he was awarded the "mophie Maneuver of the Event" for a critical tail blow reverse on a solid set wave. Glenn walked away with $50 from mophie as well as a custom embroidered backpack full of swag.

"The Rip Curl GromSearch is a very respected contest, and the level of competition is always high," Glenn explained. "Plus, you can always expect a lot of media coverage. I've been competing for 9 years now, and it's something I look forward to every year. I'm super excited to compete in California for the Nationals and possibly win a spot to Bells. I think that's very cool!"

The boys from Barbados made a loud statement this year with Che Allan finishing 2nd and Dane Mackie taking 3rd, and rounding out the Boys 16 and under final was Ponce Inlet local Cobie Gittner in 4th.

The Girls 16 and under competitors duked it out all day, however a statement was made by Sydney Herring in the final. Herring absolutely teed off on her backhand to nail an 8.33 and leave the rest of the girls searching for scores. The youngest finalist, Caroline Marks, scored the 2nd place spot, followed by Malia Osterkamp in 3rd, and Rachel Presti taking 4th.

All four finalists of each division qualify for the RCGS National Final at Upper Trestles on October 26th, and the National Champion of the Boys and Girls 16 & under division both win an all expense paid trip to compete in the RCGS International Final held in conjunction with the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, 2014.

In the Boys 14 and under division, it was all about the battle of the "Lukes." In the end Luke Marks, Melbourne, FL, went for broke and overcame Luke Gordon to take the win. Marks mixed it up with a huge layback hack to earn a 7.5 and backed it up with a big straight air for an 8.33. Right on his heels in 2nd and surfing on fire all day was Luke Gordon, who earned the highest single wave of the event, a 9.77 in the early rounds. Aerial master, DJ Buchanan, took 3rd and rounding out the final was Che Allan, also the event's only double-finalist.

In the super grom division, the Boys 12 and under, the pint-sized rippers step up their game year after year. In the closest final of the day, NSB local, Robbie McCormick just edged out rival Tommy Coleman by a mere .3 points. Zander Venezia and Jacob Burke rounded out the final in 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Rip Curl would like to thank all of the families and locals for providing such a amazing atmosphere for the event and we hope to return to New Smyrna Beach for years to come. Rip Curl would also like to thank our official sponsors: mophie, Smith Optics, Kicker Audio, Futures Fins, Waterman's Applied Science, Hubert's Lemonade, Banzai Bowls, Surfing Magazine, Surfline.com, and Wahoo's Fish Tacos. A big thanks goes out to Famous Surf Wax for providing GromSearch with custom wax this year. We hope to see you next weekend as the GromSearch series heads up the coast to Jennette's Pier, OBX, North Carolina August 17th or 18th. There are still openings in the Boys 16 & under division and you can sign up at ripcurl.com/gromsearch.

Photos: Patrick 'Tupat' Eichstaedt


Boys 16/Under

1st – Daniel Glenn
2nd – Che Allan
3rd – Dane Mackie
4th – Cobie Gittner

Girls 16/Under

1st – Sydney Herring
2nd – Caroline Marks
3rd – Malia Osterkamp
4th – Rachel Presti

Boys 14/Under

1st – Luke Marks
2nd – Luke Gordon
3rd – DJ Buchanan
4th – Che Allan

Boys 12/Under

1st – Robbie McCormick
2nd – Tommy Coleman
3rd – Zander Venezia
4th – Jacob Burke

Mophie Maneuver of the Event: Daniel Glenn

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