Fanning, Wilko, Knox, and Wright Roll Down to Taco Team Day

With the Trestles Pro behind them, Rip Curl's Pro Team, Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Matt "Wilko" Wilkinson, and Taylor Knox, headed down to the Rip Curl Surf Center in San Clemente last Saturday to grind some free tacos, compliments of Bull Tacos, slap some high fives, and sign the free custom hats that attendees received just for showing up! For just $1/ticket, the crowd was invited to purchase raffle tickets to win everything from a Sector 9 Skateboard, to Spy and Hoven sunglasses, Creatures of Leisure deck pads, Reef sandals, Sol Republic and Skullcandy headphones, Sun Bum product, and of course tons of Rip Curl gear like watches and wetsuits! There were so many prizes, everyone could be a winner. All proceeds went to the Surfrider Foundation, and almost $400 was raised just two hours for the cause. Everyone went home with a full belly, a smile, and some gear in tow, so be sure to check out our next event. Follow us on twitter and instagram, @ripcurl_usa to stay in the know.

taco_saturday-01.jpg taco_saturday-02.jpg taco_saturday-03.jpg taco_saturday-04.jpg taco_saturday-05.jpg
taco_saturday-06.jpg taco_saturday-07.jpg taco_saturday-08.jpg taco_saturday-09.jpg taco_saturday-10.jpg
taco_saturday-11.jpg taco_saturday-12.jpg taco_saturday-13.jpg taco_saturday-14.jpg taco_saturday-15.jpg
taco_saturday-16.jpg taco_saturday-17.jpg taco_saturday-18.jpg taco_saturday-19.jpg taco_saturday-20.jpg
taco_saturday-21.jpg taco_saturday-22.jpg taco_saturday-23.jpg taco_saturday-24.jpg taco_saturday-25.jpg
taco_saturday-26.jpg taco_saturday-27.jpg taco_saturday-28.jpg taco_saturday-29.jpg taco_saturday-30.jpg
taco_saturday-31.jpg taco_saturday-32.jpg taco_saturday-33.jpg taco_saturday-34.jpg taco_saturday-35.jpg
taco_saturday-36.jpg taco_saturday-37.jpg taco_saturday-38.jpg    

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