Huge Turnout for San Diego "MISSING" Wavehouse Film Premiere


With all the excitement buzzing around newly crowned 3x World Champion Mick Fanning, it was the perfect time to present the new Taylor Steele film starring White Lightning himself: MISSING.

Steele snatched Fanning up last summer without any premise of where he would be relocating him to. Fanning found himself in locales as diverse as Africa, Ireland, Spain, and Panama.

We do not know whether this helped set the stage for his 2013 ASP dominance, but we do know that the crowd showed up in full effect at the Wavehouse in Mission Beach, San Diego on Saturday Feb. 1st to experience this trip of a lifetime on the big screen. Co-star Taylor Knox, came down in person to answer questions about the film, and tip back a few with the crew.

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Photos: Steve Morisette

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140205-wavehouse-sd-06.jpg 140205-wavehouse-sd-07.jpg 140205-wavehouse-sd-08.jpg 140205-wavehouse-sd-09.jpg 140205-wavehouse-sd-10.jpg

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