Live The Search Series: Hawaii Grom's Focus for Upcoming GromSearch Event


Rip Curl's young Hawaiian squad consisting of North Shore Oahu stand out, Wyatt McHale, as well as recent new additions to the team, young Maui ripper Cole Alves, and the charming Brisa Hennessy of Kailua, Oahu, gathered together for a training session with former WCT stand out, Pancho Sullivan.

The groms met at Kewalo Basin to practice for the upcoming Rip Curl GromSearch event. Pancho focused the session on heat strategy as well as contest preparation, "If you're not prepared, be prepared to lose," Pancho stated.

The team ran some ‘mock' heats against one another. All the grom's brought their A-game, tearing apart the blustery 3-4 foot surf, connecting long lefts with punctuating tail blows, and a few rights with above the lip aerials. After a few practice heats, which were tightly won by McHale, Pancho reviewed each of the surfer's strengths and weaknesses in the lineup.

With the insight from a legend like Pancho, the Rip Curl grom's are sure to be ready when they dawn their event lycra and hit the water! In closing Pancho reviewed the day, "The groms were on fire! They're all very eager to improve on every aspect of their surfing and build on their competitive success as of late. They were all smiling from ear to ear as they attacked every section that came at them. Their search for stoke is infectious!"

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