My Bikini Blogger Spotlight 2013: Nacole Gray


Rip Curl is ecstatic about the launch of our Spring and Summer 2013 swimwear line, what we believe to be the biggest and best line of swimwear yet! Alana Blanchard graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 in custom "Alana's Closet" Rip Curl suits and our Mirage Bikinis are the ultimate blend of style and performance. We were so excited about these bikinis, we immediately sent them to our favorite bloggers and each week, we'll be posting a review from the ladies who make a living looking great from the streets to the beach.

About Nacole: Born and raised in travel destination Cardiff by the Sea; fashion blogger, style expert and stylist Nacole Gray is forever inspired by her small beach town and ocean tasseled wavy-hair roots. Hey, don’t underestimate its low-key vibe, Vogue magazine shot a spread with Blake Livley in the very neighborhood Gray grew up in. Spending her summers at the beach, Gray defined her signature look with mix and matched bikini tops and bottoms, sun-kissed skin and wavy long hair—always keeping her look natural and simple. Even though Gray manages her acclaimed style blog and styling clients in Los Angeles, she escapes back to her relaxed hometown in order to relax and collect her thoughts by spending her days at the beach. Her love for the salt and bonfire scent in the air, sound of crashing waves and sunsets over the water define only a few of the many reasons she is a self-proclaimed beach girl at heart.

Nacole’s thoughts on the Alana’s Closet Tiki Goddess & the Love n Surf bikini:

I was immediately drawn to the exotic and bright print of the Alana Blanchard signature "Tiki Goddess" bottoms with its flirty fringe detailing. I usually wear neutrals (mostly black) however I happily break this rule for the beach. Instead I opt for orange, tangerine or coral—the perfect complement for golden skin. My style tip? Mix and match a printed bikini bottom with a solid-tone top. This is a simple way to show off your personal style and aesthetic. Rip Curl makes it easy to create your signature look with so many prints and playful colors to choose from.
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rc-nacole-01.jpg rc-nacole-02.jpg rc-nacole-03.jpg

Photograhy: Siegel Thurston

Follow Nacole’s blog: RichSkinnyPretty.com for exclusive interviews and tips. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s about everyday women and everyday style.

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