Rip Curl GromSearch Veteran Hdez Travels East to Take the OBX Title


The 2013 Ripcurl Gromsearch Presented by Mophie: Jennette's Pier, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Mophie Maneuver of the Event, Outer Banks

Costa Mesa, CA (August 18th, 2013): The final stop of the 2013 Rip Curl GromSearch presented by mophie just wrapped up it's season in incredible fashion. The fourth and final stop of the series found itself back at Jennette's Pier, Nags Head, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 84 contestants walked over the sandy dunes to be presented with highly rippable 2-4 foot storm surf. Contest organizers feared for a potential downpour, but the rain held off and conditions remained punchy all day long. With the final 16 RCGS National invitations up for grabs, the boys and girls went blow for blow to the final horn sounded.

The final heat of the day showcased the potential of today's 16 & under boy's surfing. All four finalists scored over 14 points, as 7's, 8's, and 9's filtered their score lines. In the end, power surfing reigned supreme, as long time RCGS veteran, Nic Hdez, (Santa Cruz, CA), threw down the 'man-hack' of the event, which couldn't be matched by his competition. Hdez, competing in the RCGS for his record-breaking 10th year, traveled across the country to give himself one last shot to qualify for the Nationals, and hopefully the International GromSearch Final held in conjunction with the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, 2014.

"I believe I have what it takes to win Bells. Especially being the National Champs and International Champs are both held at quality right points." Hdez stated comparing the GS Championship locations with his homebreak points of Santa Cruz. "Winning the GS Title at Bells Beach is a huge victory. I've been so jealous the past couple of years watching my International peers compete. I just want to qualify for it so I have the opportunity to win it!"

Coming up just short in the final with two 8-point rides was Barbados stand out, Josh Burke. 3rd place went to last weekend's double finalist (stop #3 New Smyrna Beach), Che Allan (Barbados), and rounding out the final in 4th was the talented Luke Gordon, (Pawley's Island, SC).

For the first time in recent GromSearch memory, the mophie maneuver of the event went to a surfer not flying through the sky, or hitting the lip. The OBX mophie maneuver of the event went to Matthew Glenn for an impressive deep barrel complete with a claim to the judges. Unfortunately for Glenn he didn't advance to the finals, but for his effort he walked away with a custom Rip Curl/mophie backpack stuffed with $50 cash and a ton of prizes courtesy of mophie.

The girls 16 & under final was another close battle with Maddie Peterson holding on for the title. Coming up just short in 2nd with a split decision from the judging panel was Emory McClary, 3rd went to Piper Austin and 4th Izzie Gomez. These four girls will also have a chance to fly to Australia on Rip Curl's dime. The National champion in the boys and girls 16 & under divisions will be awarded with a chance to compete at Bells.

The surfing in the boys 14 & under division secures the statement, 'The East Coast talent has a strong future.' With a heated battle between Luke Gordon and Stevie Pittman, the surfers duked it out in the crumbly-doubled up conditions. However, Gordon was able to connect multiple big maneuvers on a left into the pier to secure the victory. With Pittman in 2nd, 3rd went to double finalist Che Allan, and 4th Gabriel Morvil.

In the youngest division of all, the boys 12 & under, all four grom's were within one point of the victory. In another split decision, Bo Raynor reigned supreme, as Stevie Pittman came up short once again, 3rd place was Jacob Burke, and 4th place Micah Cantor.

With four qualifying events in the books, and 64 national invitations on offer, Rip Curl is excited for this year's National Final October 26th, Upper Trestles, San Clemente. With 20 minute - four man heats, and a live webcast to top it off, the National final will be reminiscent of an ASP WQS event.

Rip Curl would like to thank all of the grom's and their families for continuing to show up to the GromSearch year after year. Rip Curl would also like to thank our official sponsors: mophie, Smith Optics, Kicker Audio, Futures Fins, Waterman's Applied Science, Hubert's Lemonade, Banzai Bowls, Surfing Magazine, Surfline.com, and Wahoo's Fish Tacos. A big thanks goes out to Famous Surf Wax for providing GromSearch with custom wax this year. For event info and updates, head to ripcurl.com/gromsearch. Stay tuned to Surfline.coma> and Surfingmagazine.com for all post-event coverage, video clips, blogs, and more.

For media inquiries, or any additional information on the Rip Curl GromSearch, please contact Rip Curl Team & Promotions Manager Matt Myers: mmyers@ripcurl.com


Boys 16/Under

1st – Nic Hdez ($250)
2nd – Josh Burke
3rd – Che Allan
4th – Luke Gordon

Girls 16/Under

1st – Maddie Peterson ($250)
2nd – Emory McClary
3rd – Piper Austin
4th – Izzie Gomez

Boys 14/Under

1st – Luke Gordon
2nd – Stevie Pittman
3rd – Che Allan
4th – Gabriel Morvil

Boys 12/Under

1st – Bo Raynor
2nd – Stevie Pittman
3rd – Jacob Burke
4th – Micah Cantor

Mophie Maneuver of the Event: Matthew Glenn

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