Rip Curl Team Represents in Huntington Beach


Over the past 9 days, Huntington Beach, also known as 'Surf City USA,' was taken over once again by the annual U.S. Open. Not only is the U.S. Open the largest surf competition in America, it also brings in hoards of frenzied fans to check out all the skateboard, BMX, and live music action, which spans across the beach and all over the sidewalks of HB.

The Rip Curl team made a strong presence this year with Tyler Wright and Pauline Ado both finishing equal 3rd in the Women's World Tour event held at the pier. With the result, Tyler sits in 2nd place, and is in a heated ratings battle for the ASP World Title Crown with Carissa Moore. In the Juniors division, Nikki Van Dijk finished 2nd, and Taylor Clark equal 9th.

The action was hot in the water, but just across PCH at the Rip Curl Flagship store located on 5th street, surf fans lined up to score tons of free shwag! Rip Curl offered both a free custom hat and t-shirt press, where fans could choose which Rip Curl image they wanted printed on their hat or shirt. The infamous Wheel of Misfortune made a comeback and fans walked away with amazing prizes from GoPro cameras, Stance socks, Sun Bum gift bags, Zinka chapstick, Rip Curl tees, bags, and wallets, and Pura Vida bracelets or for the unlucky few, an unfortunate 'high-5'.

Both the Rip Curl Men's and Women's pro surf teams, including Matt Wilkinson, Tom Curren, Dillon Perillo, Alana Blanchard, and Tyler Wright made multiple signing appearances to meet their fans and sign everything from posters, shirts, surfboards, and foreheads! Bethany Hamilton made a special appearance for a Rip Curl signing at the Jacks Girls store on Sunday and stoked out fans that came from across the state (and as far as Texas and Colorado) to see her!

Special thanks to The Booth for providing Live the Search shots to the crowds. Check back to the Rip Curl Facebook for a link to all the images. Thank you to everyone for coming down and showing your love and support of Rip Curl. We hope to see you next year!

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