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Chapter 8: Turning Back

When the idea of sending the boat formerly known as the Indies Trader II on a 6-month quest from one tip of Indonesia to the other came to the table, the Rip Curl brains knew they were in for a Search for the history books. Looking back into the Search vault for inspiration, there was one trip and two surfers that stood out from the rest…

The year was 1992, and the surface was just being scratched in Indonesia. In a movie that challenged the Momentum style of editing that was ruling at the time, Sonny Miller’s portrayal of Frankie Oberholzer and Tom Curren reignited every surfer’s passion for the unexplored and unknown. The movie, of course, was The Search. For their legendary performances in outer Indo, Curren and Frankie O will forever be remembered as the original Searchers.

Fast-forward to now and the pressing question of how to end Tip 2 Tip. Nearly every member of the Rip Curl team has been aboard the Quest 1. New waves have been discovered. The new stars – Dillon Perillo, Dean Brady and Bruno Santos – survived their epic stretch at sea. But what about the old stars? They’re still in the Rip Curl family. They’re still ripping. Why not have a little reunion tour… 16 years later. And so it was. Frankie Oberholzer and Tom Curren, along with Tom’s kids Frank and Patrick – deep into northern Indo on the Quest 1.

But when Frankie O said, “I thought I’d never come back here again,” that gave the brains another idea: If it wasn’t an ending for Frankie Oberholzer, then maybe it shouldn’t be an ending for Tip 2 Tip – just another chapter in the Infinite Search.

As it turns out, this trip is just getting started…

Passengers onboard

TomCurren.jpg Frank_Curren.jpg Patrick_Curren.jpg Franky_Oberholzer.jpg

episode 8.3 - persistence

This last trip has really caused some problems. When it was time for us to sit back and check out all the great photos and footage, there was nothing. A cryptic phone call came in from the sat phone saying no one was going anywhere; swell's on the way. Change the plane tickets. Well, we weren’t going to argue with that. From the beginning, we promised this trip would have no real end date. So we let them go off and Search for as long as they wanted. Good thing they did. Even better, they convinced us to keep going…
Thanks to Captain Albert's call, the boys stayed an extra week and revisited "the beachie" that we introduced to you last week. "Best beachbreak I've ever surfed in my life," is what Frankie O had to say after this. Photo: Ted Grambeau
But it's not as easy as it looks. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Pat Curren playing in the sand. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Indo has some of the clearest water in the world... makes for a lot of mind-blowing underwater shots time and time again. Photo: Ted Grambeau
'Til tomorrow morning. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Photographer Ted Grambeau was on the original Search trip back in 1994. Flashback through the lens. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Quest 1 - still floating. Photo: Ted Grambeau
We've decided to keep going.... Full steam ahead into the unknown. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Behind the Scenes

A tribute to the men behind the boat and living the dream.

"He just stands there like a frozen fish."
-Frankie Oberholzer, describing Tom Curren's approach to the tube. For more awesome quotes from Frankie, listen to... every episode in Chapter 8.

episode 8.2 - the new breed

Talk about big shoes to fill. Being the sons of Tom Curren, Frank and Patrick have not only grown up in the water, they’ve grown up in the spotlight. And they’re shining. At 13 years old, Patrick is already damaging the amateur ranks in the US. And big brother Frank, at 15 years old, is already a top gun at his local break Rincon. But true to their bloodline, the Curren boys get most excited for the adventures away from the scene. And this trip with dad is only the beginning.
Little Patrick might not be tall enough to ride the Viper at Magic Mountain, but he's plenty big enough to take on meaty Indo ledges. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Frank Curren, respecting the Curren legacy: Style. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Frank Curren. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Jam session with Pat and filmer Bali Strickland. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Bottom-turning beyond his years. Pat Curren. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Behind the scenes with Frank Curren. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Grom gaff. Pat Curren. Photo: Ted Grambeau
There's no place like Indonesia. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Outtakes: Images from the Office

Patty C falls from the sky and Frankie O does the gorilla. It's good stuff.

episode 8.1 - re-Search

It’s been 18 years since Tom Curren and Frankie Oberholzer shared a boat in Indo together. Back then Google didn’t exist and G-Land was a far-flung jungle expedition. Today, Google provides us with 305,000 results under the search phrase “Indonesia surf camps” and G-Land looks like the Super Bank on a Saturday. Today, trailing at Tom’s heels are his sons Patrick and Frank. In so many ways, this trip is very different from the 1994 trip. But, when you get down to it and out in the water, nothing has changed at all...
"Magic in the water." That was Bruce Brown's observation of Tom Curren in Endless Summer II back in 1994. It's a fair call to say "timeless" now. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Frankie O getting creative with the pig-dog. Photo: Ted Grambeau
There have been a lot of legends walking down this dock as of late. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Curren, smooth as ever. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Frankie thought he'd never return to Indo, so he wasted no time digging back in. Photo: Ted Grambeau
How great is sharing a boat trip with Tom Curren? First you get to watch him surf, then you get to listen to him jam afterward. Photo: Ted Grambeau
This is a far shot from Rincon... but Tom's not complaining. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Like he never left. Frankie Oberholzer. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Boat Sounds: Musical Weirdness from the Crew

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entry #4 by Jeff

04/15/2011 15:22

Nice work, but some of the music isn't properly credited. What is the song & artist during the action sequence for episode 8.1 "Re-search?"
"... the feeling you've had all along its in between the lines of every song you see my eyes roll back and then I'm gone makes you turn away... all at once unknown and recognized."

entry #5 by Sarah

04/04/2011 19:31

Absolutely incredible!! You guys should come to the Caribbean especially Barbados and surf the Soup Bowl. Alot of top surfers like Kelly Slater like it here. Good goin' Ripcurl!!

entry #6 by Alfredo Victor

03/07/2011 12:20

i think you should go to America now! there are many places to surf here, Fernando de Noronha, Costa Rica, California, and many others

entry #7 by Alex Tejeda

02/13/2011 15:25

After whatching a few video episode, I will probably agreed, that this is the best place on Earth.

entry #8 by Todd

11/21/2010 12:19

go all around new zealand, 15,000km of coast, yourd find alot of new waves with a boat, half boardies half wetties.

entry #9 by Ronald Dregors

11/18/2010 16:04

I purchased a 3ebomb wet suit last year and I am getting severe wear on the knee pad. both sides and only 1" x 3" area. I purchased it in New Smyrna Beach through Larry Glenn. what can I do to stop the damage?

entry #10 by Edgar Pestana

11/15/2010 13:41

Mozambique, tofo/barra Inhambane...

entry #11 by amy

11/11/2010 03:52

I will tip Africa (Mozambique) as the next Rip Curl venture.

entry #12 by Selma Carimo

11/10/2010 15:53

Somewhere in MOZAMBIQUE!!!

entry #13 by frederico

11/08/2010 07:34

i would like to see ripcurl search in west oz in the secret spot

entry #14 by M.A.

11/06/2010 17:27

Mozambique!!!! - Inhambane, Ponta do Ouro

entry #15 by Paulo Gonçalves

11/01/2010 07:54

what better life could you have?

entry #16 by stewy

10/19/2010 19:58

the islands off nw wa

entry #17 by ruly anggraini

10/19/2010 05:36

i like surfing a lot guys.

entry #18 by Quentin Haukenfrers

10/16/2010 20:24

tip to tip should do Vancouver island Canada. we have a small area of well known surf breaks which pump out some of the most consistent surf in the world at almost 300 plus surfable day a year. and that is just our well known breaks. there is so much that is only accessible by boat and as well as that so much that can still be discovered. come to the place where surfing is still in its infancy and enjoy uncrowded breaks. if tip 2 tip 2 comes to canada this winter I can guarantee epic conditions amazing scenery and amazing wildlife

entry #19 by brandt

10/15/2010 03:33

Tom is the embodiment of the highest level one can aspire to in surfing a wave, across all decades of the sport- past, present and future.

Frank represents the humble yet core surfer who despite not being the ideal commercial franchise of professional surfing, is in his element, as good as any in the top 22.

Together, they make for fine companions among waves and damn good sources of great surf video.

Tom and Frank - solid combo of surfing ambassadors. Well done Rip Curl in supporting this venture.

entry #20 by emerson fonseca

10/10/2010 07:57

olá, esperamos que o bruno santos devore as grandes ondas de portugal,estamos na espectativa: tio,tias e avó rio de janeiro brasil.

entry #21 by Dave Renaud

10/09/2010 16:19

go back to mozambique !!

entry #22 by billy lamb

10/08/2010 12:27

there is this one place in australia tht has the worlds best break it is called bryan bay australia it is amazing check it out

entry #23 by dave renaud

10/07/2010 16:50

you should do a full movie on Frankie and Tom.

entry #24 by DAVID* PUERTO RICO

10/05/2010 20:46


entry #25 by Nick Russell

10/04/2010 16:00

I think the next Tip to Tip trip should be in Canada - come and hang out with the bears.

entry #26 by Hendrik

10/04/2010 06:55

Hi, great stuff. Where can I get the soundtrack. Greetings from Germany...

entry #27 by iur borba

10/04/2010 01:54

I think Tip 2 Tip should explore east Indonesia, From Sumba to Papua. And they should take me with them.