Ménage Malibu - Dillon Perillo Surfs Malibu: Watch The Video

Ménage Malibu

Filmed & Edited by Jackson Winner

Six questions with Dillon Perillo about his recent video release, featuring 100% clips filmed at home in Malibu.

When you hear the word Malibu, what do you think of?
- Aristocrats and private beaches.

What do you miss most when on the road traveling for a few weeks?
- I miss my parents.

For a first time Malibu visitor, what would you recommend for them to do?
- Go to Pepperdine and recognize the biggest cross in the state of California, it’s about 200 feet tall. They have plenty of really nice grass there.

What are your favorite 3 waves in Malibu?
- 1. 3rd Point, 2. Zuma, 3. Lil Dume

What’s one thing about Malibu that not many people know?
- Changing the flow of the creek at Malibu’s 1st point will ruin the waves. Please don’t change the flow!

What crosses your mind when passing celebrities on the road in Malibu?
- What it’s like to eat dinner with them.

Follow the life of Dillon on Instagram @dillonperillo_

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