My Bikini Blogger Spotlight 2013: Rebekah Steen


Rip Curl is ecstatic about the launch of our Spring and Summer 2013 swimwear line, what we believe to be the biggest and best line of swimwear yet! Alana Blanchard graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 in custom "Alana's Closet" Rip Curl suits and our Mirage Bikinis are the ultimate blend of style and performance. We were so excited about these bikinis, we immediately sent them to our favorite bloggers and each week, we'll be posting a review from the ladies who make a living looking great from the streets to the beach.

About Rebekah Steen:A few things about Rebekah: she lives in Hawaii, loves the beach, wants a dog but her landlord won't allow it, surfs a ton, lives in a bikini, wishes she was good at beach volleyball, and has the attention span of a 2 year old. So really, you don't know what you will see in each post, except for that it will either have a valuable tip or make you smile, and have some relation to bikinis, Hawaii and the place she loves to be the most, the beach.

Rebekah Steen's thoughts on the Alana's Closet Tiki Goddess bikini:

It’s crazy how a little bit of extra fabric and a sweet Aztec print can make everyone go berserk. Case in point: The Alana's Closet Tiki Goddess bikini.  It's a simple triangle bikini with a gorgeous print, that’s been kicked up a few dozen notches in radness thanks to some sweet details. The sporty yet sleek adjustable racerback top, (that still has a classic triangle front) is brilliant, the bottoms (I’m guessing with Alana’s input) make your butt look amazing, the fabric feels like butter, and there’s even a little tassel action going on on the ties. This suit rocks my world. Get one while you can.
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