Brad Flora

Brad Flora


Name: Brad Flora


Date of Birth: 6.22.1995

Hometown: Ocean City, Maryland.

Local Spot: 46th St.

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Chauncey's Surf Shop, Channel Islands Surfboards.

Words to live by: You can never be too deep...

Favorite Surfer: Nathan Fletcher

I am most inspired by: Barreling waves, sexy girls, and the sun.

My greatest fear: Having a good haircut.

The best surf video segment of all time is: Bruce- Dude Cruise- "What About the Kids"

My favorite non-surf film: Beverly Hills Ninja. Such a shame Farley is dead.

The best breakfast cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The last time I wore a tie: I wore a bowtie to my girl's homecoming dance.

SUP, Alaia, or Boogie?: Boogie on down.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?: insta-gizzle.

On Rail, in the Tube, or in the Air?: In the toob.

My worst wipeout: Speed wobbles going 40mph behind Pedro's Taco's in San Clemente.

My favorite day of the year: Every day in which I step foot in a Tropical Climate.

I am searching for ______?: A crew who loves to surf, travel, and create new opportunities as much as I do!

I give thanks to?: MY FAMILY, and sponsors!!

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