Noah Cohen

Noah Cohen


Name: Noah Cohen

Nickname: Flying Fish

Date of Birth: 4.20.1989

Hometown: Tofino BC, Canada.

Local Spot: Cox Bay.

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Monster Energy, Oakley, Vans, Sitka Surfboards, Storm Surf Shop, MyPakage, Adanac.

Words to live by: HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD.

Favorite Surfer: Dane, John John, Mick.

I am most inspired by: Anyone who is happy and achieving their goals.

My greatest fear: Missing out.

The best surf video segment of all time is: Andy in Momentum UTI and Dane in Dear Suburbia.

My favorite non-surf film: Shawshank Redemption.

The best breakfast cereal: Flakes and granola with some fruit and yogurt thrown in.

The last time I wore a tie: It has been a while. Hosting 2011 Canadian Innersection premiere, I think.

SUP, Alaia, or Boogie?: None.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?: Insta.

On Rail, in the Tube, or in the Air?: Tube.

My worst wipeout: Torn Ligaments and fractured ankle from a little straight air gone wrong last year.

My favorite day of the year: January 2nd. Fresh start, no hangover.

I am searching for ______?: I actually just found it. Only problem is that its really inconsistent and not as close to home as I would like it to be...

I give thanks to?: My mother and everyone else who has helped me out along the way.

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