Rip Curl Pro Team Storms San Clemente



The action wasn’t just at the Hurley Pro last week as the Rip Curl World Tour team scored fun waves at Lowers leading up to the event too. WCT current #1 Mick Fanning, along with fellow Tour companions, Gabby and Wilko, plus Taylor Knox, Taylor Clark, Noah Wegrich, Luke Gordon, and Noah Cohen all got in on the action. Check out the photos to see who was blowing up!

No Means Go

Out of the water, Rip Curl ambassador Barney Miller held a successful fundraiser at Fish 101 restaurant in San Diego to raise money for his upcoming film No Means Go. The film documents Barney’s highs and lows and the challenges in re-learning to walk after a tragic car accident left him without the use of his legs. Many Pro surfers showed up in support, including Jordy Smith, Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson, Taylor Knox, and more.

World Title Race

In the main event, Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson’s early event departures combined with Mick Fanning’s 9th place finish, gave Fanno just enough points to take over the #1 spot in the WT rankings headed into this week’s Quik Pro France. Go MF!

Meet the Rip Curl Pros

After the Trestles event wrapped, Mick and Wilko hung down in sunny So Cal, and were joined by Tom Curren and TKnox, to meet their fans and sign autographs at the Rip Curl Surf Center in San Clemente last Saturday. Between the world titles from Mick & Curren, the laughs from Wilko, and legendary stories from TKnox, fans soaked in all they could from these legends. Tom Curren stayed late with his band rocking out for the San Clemente locals. Don’t miss a chance to see him in concert!

Stokes Me Benefit

The team signing was combined with a huge raffle with prizes from mophie, Kicker Audio, Skullcandy, Vertra, Dragon Alliance, Smith Optics, Catch Surf, Roark, Arbor Skateboards, Carver Skateboards, and of course Rip Curl wetsuits, watches, and premium product! The raffle raised well over $700 to benefit the Stokes Me Foundation that goes to 11 deserving beneficiaries listed on stokesme.org. In addition to leaving with armfuls of goods, attendees scored a free custom hat and all-you-can eat Los Locos tacos. Don’t miss out next year and follow us on twitter, @ripcurl_usa to find out about our upcoming events!

photos: Mike Smolowe

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