Southern Hemi Awakens

To the delight of many Southern California surfers, the first signs of south swells have made their trek from the south pacific and spoiled surfers with overhead conditions over the past weekend.

Rip Curl "FroBro's" Taylor Clark (San Diego), and Noah Wegrich (Santa Cruz), met up at Southern California's favorite water park, Lower Trestles, to set to the skies and show their best moves for the gallery of photographers.

Joining the FroBro's were San Clemente locals Trevor Thornton and Crosby Colapinto who got a piece of the action.

All images courtesy of Mike Smolowe.

sh-01.jpg sh-02.jpg sh-03.jpg sh-04.jpg sh-05.jpg
sh-06.jpg sh-07.jpg sh-08.jpg sh-09.jpg sh-10.jpg
sh-11.jpg sh-12.jpg sh-13.jpg sh-14.jpg sh-15.jpg

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