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6 Months 21%
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Chapter 6: Mislaid Plans

Because you’re living this journey in Internet time, almost six months have gone by in only six weeks. Think about a half-year ago for a moment. It was April then. How many blurred nights have passed since? Or sessions at your local spot? Now remember Dillon Perillo, Dean Brady and Bruno Santos. They’ve been on the boat for a good chunk of that time.

As you might imagine, all that time aboard Quest 1 isn’t all roses – to put it in Dean’s words. Yeah, it’s easy to go on the defense when you hear these guys grumbling from time to time. They’re in paradise, right? Surfing perfect waves.  Getting barrels on a daily basis that most of us will only dream about. But remember all the downtime in-between? And the fact that everyday life is confined to 50 feet of boat? Surely, you can excuse a few flare-ups.

For Dillon, Dean and Bruno, this is the last chapter. They’ve discovered so many new waves (that will be revealed to you in the coming weeks on Tip 2 Tip) and covered so many kilometers that all the different trips have blurred together.

Good thing the final week of their trip gave them plenty of time to reflect.

Unseasonably bad weather. Unseasonably flat ocean. Texas hold ‘em lost its excitement. The beer wasn’t working anymore. Pirate parties had been done. This became the trip of books and journals. But perhaps it was a perfect ending. A time to reflect on the trials and glory of an epic boat trip along a winding archipelago that, believe it or not, still holds as many secrets as she’s let slip away.

Passengers onboard

DillonPerillo.jpg BrunoSantos.jpg DeanBrady.jpg

episode 6.3 - landed

For the last 7 days on the boat, the crew exercised patience as Mother Nature had her way. They pushed around just a few more hidden corners. And thanks to Captain Albert's expertise, just before it was time to head to port, they came up with some more gold to throw in the memory bank. Then it was back to Padang to shake off their sea legs and prepare for the impending reality of heading home. Hungry for just a bit more action, the boys decided to hit Padang's chaotic streets. Rickshaws. Taxis. Motorbikes. It’s not quite the same as pulling into 6-foot bombs, but...
The other side of Indo. Photo: Trent Mitchell
The right side of Indo. Photo: Dave Sparkes
This guy looks like he could show you a good time in Padang. Photo: Trent Mitchell
They're laughing 'cause they don't know how they're gonna fit Brady in motorbike rickshaw. Photo: Dave Sparkes
They eventually squeezed him in though. Photo: Trent Mitchell
Happy pigs come from Indo. Photo: Trent Mitchell
One last keg before it's back to Malibu. Dillon. Photo: Trent Mitchell
And the first of many planes. Photo: Trent Mitchell

Behind the Scenes: With Team Manager Ryan "Fletch" Fletcher

This week our behind-the-scenes photos come from Rip Curl Team Manager, Fletch. Along with Brady, Dillon and Bruno, Fletch has spent his fair share of time on the boat in the last six months. Though he clearly has the dream job, he did mention all the "Hey Fletch! Can you put some sunscreen on my back?" requests were getting a little old...

episode 6.2 - change

Dean Brady has been going to Indo for a long time now and, naturally, not everything is the same as it used to be. But nothing is so drastically different than the handful of reefs that were shifted by the earthquake of December, 2004. Listening to Brady talk about all the waves he’s surfed in Indo, you realize he hasn't forgotten even the slightest details of each one. Maybe that's why the guy gets so barreled out there.
Out of the December 2004 destruction, also came shades of perfection like this. Photo: Dave Sparkes
No one on the Tip 2 Tip mission has provided us with as many amazing tube shots as Bruno. Photo: Dave Sparkes
Bruno, once again. Photo: Trent Mitchell
Even in their young lives, these groms can tell of plenty of change on their little island: earthquakes, tsunamis, and surf camps, just to name a few examples. Photo: Trent Mitchell
Brady, before the final trip out on the Quest 1, getting psyched. Photo: Trent Mitchell
Calm and chaos. Dean Brady. Photo: Dave Sparkes
Better stay on Bruno, there's not much water down there. Photo: Dave Sparkes
Some waves died, some were born. The cycle is endless in Indo. Photo: Trent Mitchell

Relapse: Brady's Interview Interview

"This is interview Number 16 - by far the most I've ever done for one trip. From 1 to 10, I'd say my interview skills are a 4, but I've been getting better since Tip 2 Tip started. By the time I'm 30, I'll be at an 8.5. The best question I've ever gotten was from this Fox Sports interview: 'Tell us what it was like hunting these crazy waves'."  
"When it's really big, drowning is always an option."
-Dean Brady, from his interview with Fox Sports (check out above).

episode 6.1 - time

Six months back and forth, and one month straight on. Cabin fever was bound to infect Dean, Dillon and Bruno from time to time. And of course we wanted to hear about it, along with all the photographers, filmers and journalists that jumped on board Quest 1. The boys thought the questions would end out there on the boat, but little did they know that there was more waiting at home (check back tomorrow for more on that). In this episode are nuggets from their Tip 2 Tip exit interviews - which are also the most revealing.
Goodbye land... see ya in a month. Photo: Dave Sparkes
Imagine, just as you take a swig of coffee and wipe the sleep from your eyes, this is the first thing you see. Talk about rise and shine. Photo: Dave Sparkes
The quarterss were a bit roomier out on the reefs than in the boat. Bruno, relaxing under another vaulted ceiling. Photo: Trent Mitchell
What Dillon does with his sudden bursts of energy. Photo: Dave Sparkes
The madman is coming out. Photo: Trent Mitchell
Dillon and the sea in some sort of disagreement. Photo: Dave Sparkes
By this point in the trip you can be certain that there are few men on this planet that are as comfortable with the barrel as Bruno Santos. Photo: Dave Sparkes
Contemplating just how far one crew of surfers can go into the endless wavescape that is Indonesia. Photo: Trent Mitchell

Boat Sounds: Musical Weirdness from Brady, Dillon and Bruno

Tip 2 Tip is a 6-month quest on the Infinite Search, stretching from one end of the Indonesia Archipelago to the other. Stay tuned for daily updates and 3 fresh video edits a week. See more here

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Thank you for sharing these worfendul photos with us. Our son, Michael Bennett, looks like he is totally enjoying this event. How lucky is he to be privileged to be in this company. Your staff is great !

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same questions...whats that song from episode 6.2? So sick...

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hi my name kristov age 19 from nias island.
i am one of surfer there when bruno,bready,dylan.arrive in sorake beach.
i saw that how they surf.they are surf good,n sick,,,,big barrel and wow perfect holow at that time.
they are super crazy surfer.

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