Chapter 9: Seven Ghosts

It's been a long ten days. Hell, it's been a long six months. But when word came to the Tip2Tip brain trust that a remote Indonesian tidal bore would be turning out its best deluge of waves in 19 years, we knew we had to keep searching... And when the 15-man crew - led by Dean Brady, Bruno Santos, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar, and original Searcher Tom Curren - returned from the jungle late last month, it was clear that our patience had paid off and that this footage had to get out to you double quick. Ten days after the mesmerizing trailer (cut to the hypnotic "Love Like A Sunset" by Phoenix) dropped to the tune of nearly a quarter of a million views, the wait is over.... and the Seven Ghosts are revealed.


Equipped with Panasonic LUMIX GH2 cameras, a team of world-renowned surf photographers and filmers were in tow to capture this once in a lifetime event, which Curren describes as “the most amazing Search trip in 20 years…”

What ensued was a surf session like never before. Witness the complete footage that the surf world will be talking about for weeks, months and years to come right here on Tip2Tip... 

Seven Ghosts Credits:

Artist: Phoenix
Song: Love Like A Sunset
Music Director:     Stephane Queme

Surfers: Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Oney Anwar, Tyler Larronde & Tom Curren.
Filmed by: Jon Frank, JP Mothes, Lachlan McKinnon & Stepane Queme
Directed by: JP Mothes. Edited by: JP Mothes & Stephane Queme
Spotology: Antony "Yep" Colas
Jetski Drivers: Michel Larronde & Vincent Lartizien
Logistic Assistance: River Defender Association

Many thanks for their support:  Gilles Folin (Proximity), Marie Pelissier (Proximity), Romain Chollet (Panasonic), Michael Ponamorenco (Panasonic), Darren Wright (Air Asia), Mr Yusrizal (Riau Tourism), Brad Sanders (April), H Syahrim, Unas Khairunnas, Eddy Bono, Hisham Setiawan, Akhwan Binawan, Mr Zen, Dian Novarina, Brad Sanders, Jono Chambers, Yoyon  Mujiono, Acil Suryadi Natalis, Acep Suwandi, Ernawati & Aripin, Ms Azenita Kepolisian Daerah Riau, Pandra & all inhabitants of Teluk Meranti.

Passengers onboard

TomCurren.jpg DeanBrady.jpg BrunoSantos.jpg OneyAnwar.jpg TylerLarronde.jpg

Tidal Fantasy

The footage you've been waiting for... When the first pulses of the tidal bore showed, Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar, and original Searcher Tom Curren were there to greet the chocolate barrels of the Seven Ghosts. Witness the greatest river bore tubes ever surfed.

The "Bono"

Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar  and Tom Curren take us through the moments leading up to surfing the Seven Ghosts and the momentous barrels that ensued. It was an experience they'll never forget.

It Is True

The rumors, the myth, the legend... the danger. When the Rip Curl Search crew showed up to surf what could be the greatest river bore waves on the planet, they expected nothing and everything. And it all came true... Here is the behind-the-scenes crew reliving their most harrowing moments on the river.
Bruno Santos watches as Tom Curren settles into a perfect left while Dean Brady sets up for the right. Photo: Lachlan McKinnon
River lines. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Bruno Santos. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Dream right. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Dean Brady. Photo: Nate Lawrence
The first pulse. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Oney Anwar. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Dream left. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Bruno Santos, catching up with the first set. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Bruno Santos, watching the horizon. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Feeling out one of the first pulses. Bruno Santos. Photo: Ted Grambeau
The crew spent plenty of time in the mud on this mission. Photo: Ted Grambeau
River bore waves have never looked this hollow before. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Oney Anwar on a right-hand slope. Photo: Ted Grambeau
Dean Brady drawing a long line and settling in for an even longer ride. Photo: Ted Grambeau
The original Searcher, Tom Curren, finds the ghost. Photo: Ted Grambeau

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entry #143 by When stendra will be available

05/22/2014 22:35

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05/22/2014 00:44

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05/21/2014 13:55

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05/20/2014 16:54

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05/19/2014 19:41

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05/18/2014 11:41

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05/18/2014 10:02

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05/16/2014 18:44

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entry #151 by Twisp electronic cigarettes

05/16/2014 11:23

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05/14/2014 02:31

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05/09/2014 11:32

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05/08/2014 03:32

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entry #159 by Green coffee berry extract

05/05/2014 04:55

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entry #161 by Electronic cigarette big mountain

05/02/2014 07:06

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entry #162 by Effects of xanax

05/01/2014 00:52

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entry #163 by Sexual side effect klonopin

04/29/2014 18:23

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04/16/2014 10:35

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04/15/2014 03:12

I think 'Hail to the Chief' has a nice ring to it.

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entry #225 by pmuysfgawn

02/07/2014 02:20

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entry #226 by Hitesh

07/05/2013 07:24 — bonniewear at comcast dot net

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entry #227 by Jesslyn

05/02/2013 06:36

It's much easier to undersatnd when you put it that way!

entry #228 by medhat

03/25/2013 21:16 — email

entry #229 by jerenk

02/27/2013 19:49

i from pekanbaru, riau, indonesia

I'm proud of you all

thank to promotion of bono waves

entry #230 by Gennai

05/25/2011 04:40

I was left breathless just watching this! Next year, for me, definitely!

entry #231 by herman

05/22/2011 22:10

i from pekambaru indonesia..

i like.
im proud

entry #232 by arif wibowo

05/16/2011 21:06

Awesome.....i didnt see any special about this place until you guys made this clips.... i live in this part of regent 3 hours from pangkalan kerinci and 4 hours driving from pekanbaru.... im proud of it...

entry #233 by Bruno Braga

05/11/2011 07:36

maybe shivers is the best name for this waves.
freak amazing!!
when we can buy the dvd and where?

entry #234 by Leo

05/08/2011 11:52

I can help Trip The River.
I live Pekanbaru-Riau (Indonesia)and this vidio I'm posting in myblog: projectimpianku.blogspot(dot)com

Thank you very much RipCurl

entry #235 by Yul Achyar

05/05/2011 12:33

amazing,tq promote my vilage

entry #236 by Rob

05/05/2011 10:35

Am I missing something? Where is the footage of the 35 min waves? It seems to be the same few short waves over and over and none seem to be the barrels described in the text...

entry #237 by john h. robinson

04/28/2011 03:29

Can it be a "8th wonder of the world?"

entry #238 by pully

04/25/2011 18:56

awesommme tide, definitely corderoy to the horizon type wave, too much mud , great barrels how good was this for a river system eh?

entry #239 by Antonio Osvaldo Martinez

04/23/2011 17:52

Yum chocolate water miss those days. I remember surfing in chocolate water in Pismo. Haven't seen chocolate water in a longe time. Kinda like red tide.

entry #240 by sheryl

04/23/2011 13:39

these r soooooooooooooooooooooo perfect,where and when do we leave

entry #241 by Brendan Barco

04/22/2011 16:30

hope those guys don't end up with some ailment such as Andy Irons from being in the jungle, and in that nasty looking water.


entry #242 by hana

04/21/2011 17:50

I want to buy this DVD, when and where can I??

entry #243 by Dingo

04/20/2011 07:00

Are the ripcurl guys going to post any more footage here ... really want to see more waves!!!

entry #244 by riau tourism board

04/20/2011 05:52

Thanks for your promotion our bono

Riau Tourism Board
Jl. Gajah Mada no, 200 Pekanbaru Riau - Indonesia
tel. +62-761-858441, +628127655547

entry #245 by Rifki

04/19/2011 12:26

Im From Indonesia. good

entry #246 by giorgia

04/19/2011 06:50


entry #247 by Brian McSrotts

04/18/2011 21:27

Too good...when do we leave...??...I've gotta surf this...then shoot it....before I die...its now officially on the bucket list...i'll be saving my sheckles...if i never surf baja again i'll be ok riding this once!!

entry #248 by Mitch

04/18/2011 20:17

when I saw it I felt like crying ,knowing that most likely I will never get the chance to see and surf this wave. Tears came to my eyes when I saw the footage.

entry #249 by moni

04/18/2011 14:30

very epic

entry #250 by carlos

04/18/2011 09:04

q lacreo!!!! oh my f.. god it looks 2 much

entry #251 by monica

04/18/2011 06:36

very fun crazy

entry #252 by paolo

04/18/2011 03:05


entry #253 by Dillbar !

04/17/2011 05:45


entry #254 by kokoda

04/17/2011 01:27

Bumped into Big Ted on the way home from the Telos and he spoke of the wave he had just been shooting up some river, sounded awesome, however, my imagination wasn't anything like the footage you guys have posted, can't wait to see his photos & more footage !!

entry #255 by Jai

04/16/2011 14:30

To comment #7 by Scott:
Your comment about TC was LAME! Kook!! You probably can't even hit the lip!

entry #256 by Bo

04/16/2011 13:01

Just goes to show you that there are still
amazing dicoveries out there
My dream line up - without the crocodelas
When is the next lineup ??

entry #257 by Miguel

04/16/2011 07:46

I think that the whole experience of searching new spots to surf and making it happen, is a way of expressing our human intellectual freedom. I think that the search is not only about finding the best wave in the world to surf, but it connects us deeply with mother nature. It might help us to understand one day what we truly are as human-being and why we are hear today. May the search continue without an expire date!

entry #258 by Tess

04/15/2011 19:44

Just wondering if I can by the Seven Ghosts DVD yet?

entry #259 by trucha

04/15/2011 16:51

scott vete a tomar por el culo.
fantastic video, fantastic people and fantastic surfing.
scott vete a tomar por el culo otra vez, jodete

entry #260 by François PILLAS

04/15/2011 13:49

Bonne réception de ces qq images que tu apprécieras, j'espère ! et big bisous à toute la famille !

entry #261 by Sam

04/15/2011 03:05

((((((((((((((( Epic ! ))))))))))))))

entry #262 by scott

04/15/2011 02:47

You could show some more surfing. I didn't come to this page to see driving and an old ass Tom Curren talk.

entry #263 by Jamie Bond

04/15/2011 02:26


entry #264 by Tom Macie

04/15/2011 02:01

WoW!!! I am actually at a loss for words, wow! omg! wow! that one word and one abreviation were the only things going through my mind while watching the videos, that was some great surfing! And hats off to the camaera crew fantastic footage couple shots made the hair on my ars stand up! i'm blowin the link to this site to everyone i know!
Tom Macie

entry #265 by Jessie

04/15/2011 01:29

No longer in search of the perfect wave

entry #266 by BigTex

04/15/2011 00:23

The river water looks like the the Houston ship channel - nasty. The waves are great, but a mouth full of that water would definately give you the Aztec two-step for weeks.

entry #267 by Eldween

04/14/2011 23:55

Mal conjo e ola nan ta!!...Thanks for the sharing of your amazing trip to Indonesia!....Greetings from ARUBA!

entry #268 by jerred

04/14/2011 22:36

super cool,can't wait to see the rest of the footage-thanx for the preveiw-from coloradO!!!!!

entry #269 by pinapple

04/14/2011 22:23

incredible, almost seemingly unending joy. unlike the winter swells in waimea bay, this 19 year wait looks worth it.

entry #270 by ratlerdan

04/14/2011 21:43

one in a life time thanks for the video respect from barbados.

entry #271 by TikiBag

04/14/2011 21:41

One more reason to LOVE Indonesia... The coolest country on the planet!!!

entry #272 by Shelli

04/14/2011 20:41


entry #273 by Elljay

04/14/2011 20:40

I'm not even a surfer, only tried it once when I was a kid, MANY years ago, but this is way cool, I can imagine your adventure. Thank you for sharing the stories!

entry #274 by Joe Acosta

04/14/2011 20:24

Who nows how many places are around the world,but those are some of the nices waves. Wierd but neat. But Im pleased with surfers beach at aguadilla ,pr.You should try mona island west end.will be going there in july.

entry #275 by Jeriah Avellaneda

04/14/2011 20:03


entry #276 by Lori

04/14/2011 19:26

Thanks so much for sharing your adventure and glad everyone made it home safe! Such wonderful and exciting video.....I could definitely watch an hour long documentary (or how about a reality type series? Would love that!) I will now keep ripcurl in my favorites. :o)

entry #277 by The Dude

04/14/2011 18:37

Now I understand where the word "gnarley" comes from.

entry #278 by ReAs

04/14/2011 18:22

I've never seen this before, It's like a dream. Probably it will be the best documentary about surf and I hope you'll explain how the f... can a wave be so nice in a river!

entry #279 by Jenn

04/14/2011 18:04

Never seen anything like this before! I absolutely love this footage. I am normally not into surfing, but I would definitely watch this as a documentary in a heartbeat!

entry #280 by Pohaku

04/14/2011 18:02

Amazing, congratulations, you were surfing in a river? and not the ocean? What an experience. Thanks for sharing.

entry #281 by Marco Augusto Rivera

04/14/2011 17:52

unreal, stoked, surf's up!!!!!!!!!!!!

entry #282 by dave

04/14/2011 17:44

AMAZING !!! footage and great quality photos. Rip curl should contact NATGEO or DISCOVERY and parlay this into a documentary about the region and everything behind this phenomena. Even non surfers should be into it. thanks P.S. keep the search alive!

entry #283 by Paulo

04/14/2011 17:40

Awesome, perhaps the last secret? Even if not.....

entry #284 by Dennis Purcell

04/14/2011 17:14

Thanks. Beautiful.

entry #285 by SC Surfer

04/14/2011 17:08

Well done Rip Curl! Thank you for keeping the dream alive and always helping to re-direct us to what real surfing is about! You have me wanting to see more so I hope a movie will be coming soon!

Take care and God bless!

entry #286 by Chris

04/14/2011 16:59

Fantastic guy! You brought the dream to life!

entry #287 by Tim

04/14/2011 16:52

outstanding what mother nature offers to us BRAVO!

entry #288 by Fabrício

04/14/2011 13:17

Amazing... Congratulations... I would like to see a championship in this place.

entry #289 by hotdotdog

04/14/2011 12:48

I can't imagine surfing a wave for 35 minutes. I'd have to bring a power bar along.

entry #290 by Huene in Melbourne

04/14/2011 08:52

Really amazing! I wonder when I get invited to join those RC Search trips.....

entry #291 by Zach A in Ventura Ca

04/14/2011 03:00

so sik. To all the haters this is what the search is all about. finding those remote/mystical spots. They obviously put a lot of work and reSEARCH into this. Much luv...

entry #292 by cool perry in Seattle

04/14/2011 02:33

Well, looks like they had one nice trip. But, it also looks like i am not the only one dissapointed with the feature(s) from Rip Curl. My advice to Rip Curl would be if you are serious about marketing "The Search" and best "Search" to date for that matter, i would launch a full theatrical release. Invest the time and money, people who buy rip curl well be more pleased.

entry #293 by pablo borges

04/14/2011 00:13


entry #294 by Sam

04/13/2011 19:37 blew it.

First of all, was this a sick trip, yeah.

But WTF. You all blew this up like a huge movie and then we get 3 4 minute videos?! What the hell is that. And the last video has ZERO surfing in it.

Ripcurl blew a fat one on this. Way to go.

entry #295 by Eduardo Nogueira Freire

04/13/2011 18:38

Why dream? When you can live the experience....
Why dream? When you can see with your own eyes....
Surf prevails in your heart, not in your dreams.
Live the dream in your life.
Thanks rip curl.

entry #296 by tully

04/13/2011 17:58

Amazing words cant describe life time thriller need to go

entry #297 by Will

04/13/2011 17:47

Bagus, bagus Bruninho, parabéns.

entry #298 by Antony Colas

04/13/2011 13:37

Wanna jump from dream to reality, just click !

entry #299 by Phil Brooks

04/13/2011 12:19

Is that it? I mean yeah the barrels are sick and the endless wave is sick but is this all the video you captured? Seems like a hell of a trip to waste it on 6 or 7 waves and only collect two minutes of film with someone actually on a wave. Endless Summer took 1,000 times the amount of film and that was back in the day before current techno. Come on...Anticipation = 10, Dissappointment = 9.

entry #300 by daniel meza

04/13/2011 11:37

no es por nada esto esta pasta esa ola es perfectaaaaaa

entry #301 by Jon Koteng

04/13/2011 11:09

fantastis.....Bono Sungai Kampar Riau Indonesia

entry #302 by Alexis

04/13/2011 07:39

I wanna surf but on Halloween 2003 there was a shark attack on one of these boards and bit the arm off a young adult lucky they found the shark and the board only got. One bite off I would use one of these If I could

entry #303 by Bruno Cor da Prancha

04/13/2011 07:05

This is awesome!! Very amazing clips!! Nice trip, congratulations to the Searchers.

entry #304 by Ra Rutene

04/13/2011 06:54

Once again you've managed to inspire me to keep searching...Keep up the great work Rip Curl Crew.
Keep it real and keep searching...

Mauri Ora

entry #305 by Kestrelco

04/12/2011 23:08

Could anyone tell me what music is being used on the original clip? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

entry #306 by barreiro

04/12/2011 20:34

Killer clips,can't wait to see the full length,knowing the search videos,this will just
add to the great library, love to hit it up myself but not to sure bout the crocks,and reef in indo is
my #1 destination,as for the rest of you cooks commenting,quit your bitchin and move on,its great footage!

entry #307 by Snook

04/12/2011 17:04

Amazing! Beautiful!
Thank You!

entry #308 by Edwing - Wing

04/12/2011 14:41

alucinante.. muchas gracias x compartir @{"""

entry #309 by Gaston Argentina

04/12/2011 12:33

es espectacular, gracias dios!!!
solo espero poder llegar algun dia, se que esta vida esta llena de regalos!!!

entry #310 by yar guns

04/12/2011 12:08

it's the best things....

entry #311 by Elite surfboards

04/12/2011 10:34


entry #312 by DocBoneZ

04/12/2011 09:44

This is cool...another place i will most likely never ever "someone" has to be the little people so others can show it off... simply amazing~

entry #313 by philip knott

04/12/2011 09:40


entry #314 by Ruben

04/12/2011 09:20

This is a great expedition, an un believable wave

entry #315 by adam dodd

04/12/2011 09:14

extended version please, it good but not great, sorry, I expected my mind to be blown..

entry #316 by Rodrigo Roveri

04/12/2011 09:03

inacreditável... parabéns BRUNO SANTOS representando os brazucas !

entry #317 by José Navarro Villalobos

04/12/2011 07:53

these things can not happen in Indonesia, they have the best waves, this has to happen in the Mediterranean to compensate, particularly in Melilla, this is a ***ing biTch foR us

entry #318 by surfgreg

04/12/2011 07:28


entry #319 by Red

04/11/2011 23:58

Amazing !!! I am so stoked it was Tommy !!! He's been my surf hero since - I was a kid !!! When me and my friends where growing up we wanted to surf just like him. He's just got style for days.... I think that's what's missing with a lot of young suffers to day.... They have all the tricks but not a lot of style.... They should look at old and new footage of Tommy... They would really learn how to link things up !

entry #320 by bunch of morons!!

04/11/2011 23:46

theres gotta be more.. like they would just give away footage of a wonder like that..everything is going according to the plan for ripcurl..haha!!

entry #321 by nruth

04/11/2011 23:22

you guys gonna release a longer version of this?
heard the kampar river is pretty gross
many people get sick?

entry #322 by afa

04/11/2011 23:08

mae que bueno!!! pura vida de CR. Nice trip!

entry #323 by Dave

04/11/2011 22:32

Thank You

entry #324 by wibz

04/11/2011 22:18

come on comments section, pretty negative comments, i'm sure if you guys found this wave you wouldnt be giving descriptions of times,places and posting 2 hour videos of it ,etc etc....take it for what it is, its just an amazing thing to it.
p.s the torrens river in adelaide has the same type of wave once a year .......yew!

entry #325 by tom

04/11/2011 21:47

wheres currens 35 mintue ride????

entry #326 by JD

04/11/2011 21:10

Where's some detail on the waves? Is this like this 365 days a year? One time event? It's a great scenario and good videos but would like to see more and know a little more.

entry #327 by Bert J.

04/11/2011 20:43

I am not a surfer but, this looks like so much fun. And guys, let up on the griping will ya. You are just jealous because you where not there. Where can a bunch of grown men go and play in the mud, sand, and water just like little boys. Love it. I am 63 years old, but, I might just go out and buy me a surf board. Have fun, enjoy.

entry #328 by Too Much Hype

04/11/2011 19:22

I rolled into the office today so excited to see pumping river barrels. What I got was interviews and life style shots. This could have been done a lot better. The videos fell very short of the hype. It was like watching the same thing over and over again. They must not have received very usable action footage. I would rather look at the photos.

entry #329 by jimmy

04/11/2011 19:04

After all the hype and promise...what do we get? Half assed snippets and very little footage of actual waves ridden. Whoever chopped this up and put it together has very little regard for storytelling. Please re-do it as a doco. This was just too frustrating to watch - despite the amazing phenomenon.

entry #330 by Buddy Dorton

04/11/2011 19:00

Speechless.....Gotta Go

entry #331 by Michael Dayan

04/11/2011 18:46

This is awesome! I respect all you guys in the videos for charging that thing and I guess I would too if Rip Curl gave me the chance to do so.. T.C. take me on one of your trips man.. please!!??? I would love to have to opportunity to put my surfing to the test out in all the conditions you and your team surf in!
Although I'm pretty sure this far out cry at a sponsor me message wont work, I must say that Tom Curren, you are my inspiration to continue my free-surfing for the rest of my days in my current home of SoCal, my birth home of the Philippines, or wherever else i might find myself. Thank you for that! Stoked on these epic shots! Especially the sick tubes at 2:16 and 2:32. WOOH!

entry #332 by lame

04/11/2011 18:34

not much footage- must have been using crap cameras.

entry #333 by jack

04/11/2011 18:33

So, where's the footage then? These are just trailers. Bit of an anticlimax after all the hype? Great wave yeah, but there's not much to watch :(
C'mon guys, you seem to have all the equipment and resources...

entry #334 by Louie Cardwell

04/11/2011 18:23

There are a handful of places in the world that have this type of surge. I think the Amazon does it also. anyway, if you are looking for this type of stuff, the world is kinda small now and I think much more efficient ways to go about it than browsing coasts... maybe look at a map with a smidge understanding of physics and tidal rhythms.

entry #335 by fab

04/11/2011 17:13

for a surfer this is just the best known tidal bore wave in the world....

entry #336 by

04/11/2011 16:51

It seems this amazing wonder of the natural wonder is surpassed by the role of Rip Curl and its use of the digital medium. The forum being the broader community voice, it reveals how high the expectations of our culture have become, and how critical we are of a brand delivering a free hit of digital gold. KILLVAN.COM

entry #337 by roger

04/11/2011 16:42

hi, i spent 10 minutes of my time to understand where is seven ghosts...the answer is in this website, you know where!...i don't say where for respect of you!!! uahahahah

entry #338 by fred

04/11/2011 15:39


entry #339 by jeff b.

04/11/2011 15:31

this films / pictures remind me of lil drakes holister ranch 8-10 feet back in 1978. You know who you are if you were there...and it was prefect...looks a lot alike but warmer water and calmer off shores....amazing spot - im 53 now but i want to go and check it out....Lunada Bay Lccal

entry #340 by CJ Jarvis

04/11/2011 14:39

If you rode a 35 min wave than you should have 35 min of footage! Come on hook it up!

entry #341 by Antony YEP Colas

04/11/2011 14:12

Wanna go from dream to reality ? Check ***

entry #342 by Bruno Figueiredo (ines)

04/11/2011 13:59

Bruno Santos is crazy ! Just sick...
The guy destroyed in Lobitos, Peru.

entry #343 by Tom Kabbash

04/11/2011 13:37

Gimme more!!! When is the full length feature film coming out?

entry #344 by Ted

04/11/2011 13:24

What a bore!

entry #345 by fausto

04/11/2011 12:50

Bruno Santos' barrel exit way got messed up by the jet ski.. almost a perfect deep barrel ! quite an adventure

entry #346 by juliano xixo

04/11/2011 12:43

O sonho de todo surfista era estar entre eles!
Principalmente o meu...

entry #347 by Jason

04/11/2011 12:36

I was very excited to see the footage of the "greatest find in Search history", but I was very dissapointed in the amount of actual surfing shown. You'd think something so great would be better documented. I don't care where it is, I'll likely never be able to afford to get there. I just wanted to see Curren and the boys tear it up. Instead I got choppy footage of approximately 4 waves and the rest was just people talking...

entry #348 by Norm

04/11/2011 12:02

Very cool set of teasers but no actualy mov here. Kinda disappointing in that they talk about all these amazing things but never actually show any of it. Obviously there's a longer mov to come...I hope.

entry #349 by juliocesar

04/11/2011 11:53

meu irmao nao acredito no que vi e demais,parabens para equipe toda,desde do primeiro e ao chefe da fimagem,e um agradecimento em especial a bruno santos,dale brasil na pororoca da indonesia

entry #350 by Andi

04/11/2011 11:39

"This video isn't available in your country due to copyright restriction"

entry #351 by Luber6

04/11/2011 10:58

Perhaps they haven't released all the great extra footage so they can keep this place to themsleves for a while and stop all you whiny bitches from ruining an amazing, peaceful thing.

entry #352 by Bruno

04/11/2011 10:29

yoooo it´s amazing...awesome....God is perfect, congrutalutaions for this nice trip...peaceee...alohaaa

entry #353 by Scully

04/11/2011 10:02

Pretty cool wave, not exactly what I was expecting... Seemed to close out ah bunch but I guess you can't expect much from a river wave. Not sure it's the "greatest" find but definitely pretty sick. More footage por favor :)

entry #354 by The Old Man of the Sea

04/11/2011 09:42

Powerful! Perfect example of surfing philosophy. Stop bitching and ride! Thank you for sharing for those of us that are land locked.

entry #355 by Bren

04/11/2011 09:22

What a let down after all that hype. Where is all the footage? Beside Tom's wave and that other barrel, there's nothing else to see excpet the crew talking about stuff which you never see on film. If you going to claim this as the biggest find in surf, then you have to deliver the goods othewise it gets dismissed at another false marketing attempt

entry #356 by wardo

04/11/2011 09:20

i agree after all the hype this received i expected to see at least a 10 min video???? And two of them are the same video. It looks rad but lets see more!!

entry #357 by LEGH DAVIES

04/11/2011 09:19

whoever was dissapointed by this does'nt see the creativity of this video! Beautifully shot and conceived in hostile conditions and a wonderfully long glassy wave -who could ask for anything more -well done RipCurl

entry #358 by Livo

04/11/2011 08:53

35 min ride, who wouldnt surf it

entry #359 by Frank

04/11/2011 08:49

This has been done before. I was open minded and expected to see surfers posted in the tubes for 10 seconds plus but this is nothing better then any of the other tidal surge missions we have all seen. Pretty disappointed

entry #360 by wookie

04/11/2011 08:17

dissapointing after all the hype

entry #361 by Nelson

04/11/2011 08:09

a must for any surfer to go to this magical place!, perfect!!!

entry #362 by Burki

04/11/2011 08:06

Disappointing... after so much hype, there was so little surfing, everything was pretty much the same as the trailer, the same 10 waves played over and over... In the interviews they are talking about surfing a 35 minute wave, where is the footage? In the trailer, there are barreling lines stacked to the horizon yet no one surfs any in the film... Lame

entry #363 by alf

04/11/2011 08:05

Is it really THAT good?

Seems to have been a lot of editing, the same sequences keep popping up time and again...

entry #364 by kills

04/11/2011 07:54


entry #365 by stip

04/11/2011 07:16

a slight let down after all the hype..should have released the trailer as the main event..

entry #366 by greg webber

04/11/2011 07:00

amazing, and well done all round. I'm hoping there will be plenty of less edited footage just of entire rides. When natural phenomena like this occur there's less need to be arty and more need to just present it as is. One of the best things any clothing company has ever done!! Can I go next time?? I'll make you a wave pool like it!


04/11/2011 06:44

Thats offff the hook!! Curren is the style master.
F&#* all you haters because I am in Australia, I am 3 beers deep and I am going to surf my local river tomorrow even if it's 1ft deep. Shwo me more.

entry #368 by jacko

04/11/2011 06:22


entry #369 by Rip Curl

04/11/2011 06:12

Attention frothers... Video 1 of 3 for today's unveiling of the Seven Ghosts Search Trip in Indonesia is live right now. Your anticipation has been awesome to watch and all the Aussies should be stoked we kept the tease going, because you're probably all a few tins in by now. Enjoy...

entry #370 by Kiwiblue

04/11/2011 06:12

Chill out fellas. good things take time. Go smoke a bowl, have a feed, take a dump or rub one out. And chilllll

entry #371 by empty

04/11/2011 06:08

Dude. Awesome.

entry #372 by nick smith

04/11/2011 05:56

I have been hanging out all wk for this video. this was shaping up to be the best thing ripcurl has ever done. But they just proved to us all they are a bunch of ***wits. Way to piss every potential veiwer off ripcurl ***ing barnys

entry #373 by Craig Caldwell

04/11/2011 05:46

Hope you get it up and running for the yanks,wouldnt want to upset them. Us Aussles are treated like second class citizens by an ,alleged ,Australian company

entry #374 by wedge-love

04/11/2011 05:37

Technical difficulties my ass Rip Curl! Thats the oldest trick in the book.

entry #375 by Jaime

04/11/2011 05:36

Are they providing us with a map to this place?

entry #376 by swano

04/11/2011 05:35

Technical difficulties ???? really ? not like yas didnt have time to prepare for this. not proud to be australian right now. come on already !

entry #377 by Dikkelul

04/11/2011 05:34

hey you fooks wake up and post the vid, it's been april 11th for ages now!

entry #378 by NZ nik

04/11/2011 05:34

comeon ripcur its been the 11th for aggesss

entry #379 by Debunkthemyth

04/11/2011 05:26

Baby poo tube bandits

entry #380 by sh!t PuMp

04/11/2011 05:24

come on you cunts

entry #381 by evelyn

04/11/2011 05:19

Nature is so AMAZING!!!!!

entry #382 by Fester

04/11/2011 05:19

Duuuuuuuddes farkin hook us up would ya

entry #383 by Rip Curl

04/11/2011 05:18

Having a couple of technical difficulties legends. Hang tight and we should have it all sorted with-in the day.

entry #384 by drew

04/11/2011 05:14

yeah nice.......we are running an Australian company on international much for pride and giving back to the people who originally bought these products to get the company where it is..(which must be somewhere other than torque now)
no wonder i dont buy big, multi national surf brands anymore!!

entry #385 by Duane fredericksen

04/11/2011 05:11

Im in Kauai Hawaii and its 11pm, last place in the world to change date, So rest of the world...... hang loose for another hour. It said the "whole world" yo! OH and NEVER FORGET

entry #386 by Tristan Aotearoa

04/11/2011 05:07

Still Waiting Rip Curl??

entry #387 by faaaarrrrrrrkkkkkk

04/11/2011 05:04

just want to roundhouse kick somethin

entry #388 by Car Loans

04/11/2011 05:01

I'm not a surfer, but your video and photos are amazing. I do follow current events and will be watching for more video / image updates over the next couple of days.

entry #389 by Brenny Bside

04/11/2011 05:00

Nothing to see here people... move along.

entry #390 by lauranus

04/11/2011 04:52


entry #391 by timmy

04/11/2011 04:46

Quick question... Who will contract typhoid first?
Brady, Curren, Oney, Bruno, Tyler or someone else on the trip...? All revealed soon. No April Fools here.

entry #392 by boogie

04/11/2011 04:43

that just awesome.... give me the chills all over my body
how amazing is that

so amazingly wonderful
i cam imagine how you guys feels about this

rock on dude
props to ripcurl
indonesia awesome !!!

entry #393 by brenno

04/11/2011 04:42

yep its the 11th lets go you cant do a teaser like that rip curl started in victoria and its the 11th here so come on rip curl
and rip curl i need to see the video to know who got the best barrell

entry #394 by Rip Curl

04/11/2011 04:39

The time is near! Our European brothers are awake and we'll be switching the site over soon.

Quick question for all you legends first though... Who do you think scored the best barrel? Brady, Curren, Oney, Bruno, Tyler or someone else on the trip...? All revealed soon. No April Fools here.

entry #395 by Joe

04/11/2011 04:39

F5... F5... F5... Ok that's it, Im makig another one.

entry #396 by pineappleskins-r-us

04/11/2011 04:37

c'mon ripcurl! i've got work in 2hrs!! get a groove on!!

entry #397 by Tom

04/11/2011 04:30

I am prepared to wait ...everybody just chill

entry #398 by martikus

04/11/2011 04:26

its been the 11th April for 9 1/2 hours in the UK... whats happening rip curl??

entry #399 by LintDogg!

04/11/2011 04:22

Thats cool rip curl, just hold out 5 more minutes, just gotta go do a ***...!! Cheers ! YEW!

entry #400 by marco urtis

04/11/2011 04:21

ma si vede il video ???? hanno detto 11\04 ....

entry #401 by Eli

04/11/2011 04:14

well im reading april 11th on my watch,,,,

entry #402 by Justin

04/11/2011 04:02

according to the world clock we have 3 hrs to go..

entry #403 by kurawa

04/11/2011 03:54

oi the world starts at the u.s east coast and ends at the west coast, it´s also flat btw, and it´s not the 11th till o bummah says it is... never mind the place ripcurl actually started where it´ll be the 12th by the time this ***s out...

entry #404 by william wade

04/11/2011 03:54

Its April 11th where is it?

entry #405 by Harry

04/11/2011 03:51

This is getting rediculous where the bloody f**k is this video.

entry #406 by John xD

04/11/2011 03:47

Its april the 11th, please give me...the blimin video. aArrgh!

entry #407 by TD

04/11/2011 03:30

chop chop

entry #408 by LobitosPeru

04/11/2011 03:28

It is already 11th on all around the globe.....hurry up!

entry #409 by Craig

04/11/2011 03:24


entry #410 by Getitright

04/11/2011 03:17

Are you guys SERIOUS ?!!!

I've lived in Indonesia for over 5 years and trust me, you wouldn't want to SWIM in the waters.

They urinate into it, they defecate in it, and Bali even cremates bodies into it and they do it by the community of VILLAGES.

When I saw the wave swooning in...I was just thinking "SHIIIT!".


entry #411 by josh

04/11/2011 03:14

hurry up you dirty bagel eating, donut punching, fat arsed mcdonalds loving american muppets get the *** out of bed and put the movie on!!!!

entry #412 by Geoff

04/11/2011 03:06

April 11th fools!!!!

entry #413 by ben

04/11/2011 03:04


entry #414 by matthew

04/11/2011 03:04


entry #415 by Ryan

04/11/2011 03:03

Never been more jealous in my life!

entry #416 by snow

04/11/2011 03:02

what about now?

entry #417 by K

04/11/2011 02:57

Wow, I'm not even a surfer and I'm waiting up for this. Please tell me they're not going to hold out for it to be 4/11 in Hawaii.

entry #418 by Shane Peel

04/11/2011 02:52

Promo of the decade! Hope it lives up to the hype … have a feeling it will.

entry #419 by James

04/11/2011 02:47

ohhh i get it april 11 USA TIME !!!!! :(((((
angry angry ANGRY !!!!!

entry #420 by holmes

04/11/2011 02:39

c'mon gang i like organized a few mates to come over with beers and all the other movie watching essentials and no movie please make somthin happin rip curl...

entry #421 by gary

04/11/2011 02:33

hurrrry upp

entry #422 by k

04/11/2011 02:32

Word to the mutha f. Just about to read Seasick by Alanna MItchell. Commercial fishin's fuct.

entry #423 by f

04/11/2011 02:19

On a different subject how about we all stop buying canned tuna. Not only is it a bit wiffy in sandwichs, blue fin and yellow fin species now face extinction. Commercial fishing in international waters has got out of control, but let's not forget we're the ones buying the end product. Not sure when I became a hippy or how much longer I'll be able to work in the city now.

entry #424 by Macca

04/11/2011 02:18

Oi Rip Curl you hacks! Play this talked up movie god damm......

entry #425 by Tim Manktelow

04/11/2011 02:15

It's april the 11th?

entry #426 by Brent

04/11/2011 02:05

Quit your whinging Jake. It's idiots like you who want everything free and right now. You're lucky they're releasing for nothing when if costs a lot of money to make.

entry #427 by jake

04/11/2011 01:42

"We're waiting for the world to read April 11 on their watches, then we'll make the videos live. "

What a load of crap! just hurry up and put the clip up!

entry #428 by diego

04/11/2011 01:35

hurry up!!!!!!!!!!

entry #429 by Jay

04/11/2011 01:11


entry #430 by tman

04/11/2011 00:57

so sick

probly be up at 3:00pm AEST or 5pm if we're waiting for the rest of west coast seppos.

holdin *** up

entry #431 by xxx

04/11/2011 00:54

Kampar river Bono, Sumatra.

entry #432 by Waiting

04/11/2011 00:51

Better not be an april fools joke! I'm frothing. Hurry up..........

entry #433 by april fool?

04/11/2011 00:49

Is this an elaborate April Fools joke? It was released on April 1...either way I'll be coming back to check when the yanks wake up

entry #434 by supwhichyourgirl

04/11/2011 00:45

bodyboard that forrrrrrrr dayzzzzzzzzzz

entry #435 by timecheck

04/11/2011 00:39

12:37 US Eastern Standard Time.. whattup dingbats.. time for a Billy...

entry #436 by Ted

04/11/2011 00:35

"We're waiting for the world to read April 11 on their watches, then we'll make the videos live. "

Don't wait for the seppos... Rip Curl is an Australian company last time I checked and my watch says 2:40pm...

Lame... I am going to burn all my rip curl clothes now...

entry #437 by Rab

04/11/2011 00:24

Watch out for those little fish that swim up the eye of you dick!

entry #438 by yoha

04/11/2011 00:16

I think this was in borneo island, somewhere at kapuas river is it right? because in Indonesia only at borneo has the widest river..

entry #439 by J

04/10/2011 23:54

Oh my god. Amazing.

And all you whingers just STFU we live in a commercial world, get used to it, it's not 1970 somehting anymore.

entry #440 by nero

04/10/2011 23:40

??? time

entry #441 by Aspro

04/10/2011 23:30

So Rip Curl dude, how many hours from now will it be on ? Saying that you're waiting for the rest of the world to wake up doesn't tell us anything !

entry #442 by jimmyyyyyyy

04/10/2011 23:29

im pretty sure its not a wave u can go surf wily nily... its the tide not swell so youde get ***ing pumped because its not a line of swell where youl pop up after wave think youde get washed all the way u need skis and money and what not.just enjoy it ay and stop bitching

entry #443 by matt

04/10/2011 23:04

this spot is the sickest thing ever.
no-one moaning about exposing secrets is going to ride it, let alone know where it is anyway. shut up and realise what its all about. get off your computer and go and explore something for yourself haha. if you want to know where it is, try doing some research. its not that hard.

entry #444 by Kestrel

04/10/2011 22:58

Hi - I saw the video and it's so cool, but could someone tell me what the music is on it? Thank you!

entry #445 by Fan

04/10/2011 22:53

You dummies asking 'where's my mooovie': Look at the timestamp from the other posts. It's not 4/11 everywhere. Give me a break, you whiners. And to the people complaining about 'exposing spots'... this looks like pretty rare conditions. I'm sure none of you are locals at that river, anyway.

entry #446 by ZC

04/10/2011 22:49

Where is it???? comom" guyssss.. put it on

entry #447 by jack

04/10/2011 22:29

sort your *** out rip curl

entry #448 by Rip Curl

04/10/2011 22:28

Hey crew, thanks for sleeping outside the cinema & waiting for the next chapter. Stay tuned those of you in Australia, NZ, Indo and Asia... We're waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.

The new 3-part video series will be live today April 11.

entry #449 by Greg

04/10/2011 22:00

this is b.s., where are these frickin ghosts already.Tanks for nuttin

entry #450 by youfuksexposemoresecretspotsthananybody

04/10/2011 21:46

You guys exposed barra and now this. Phuc hugh sansabitches.

entry #451 by luke

04/10/2011 21:46

common common .... i wanna see thissssss

entry #452 by Chris Cameron

04/10/2011 21:21

So Where is the footage, its April 11th already, don't leave us hanging!

entry #453 by Paul

04/10/2011 20:34

What amazes me even more than this wave is reading the comments and seeing how many of you go down on corporate surf industry sausage. How uncrowded do you reckon this wave will be now it's been exposed? We all no surfing exists stop giving away the few remaining secrets left to us.

entry #454 by simon fisher

04/10/2011 20:28

it's april 11 and i'm not seeing the movie yet ! !

entry #455 by josh

04/10/2011 20:24

where is the movie you cunts???

entry #456 by Wendy

04/10/2011 19:57

This is just amazing stuff! This world has so much to offer us, God's amazing!!!

entry #457 by joe

04/10/2011 19:41

just when we thought we'd seen it all

entry #458 by Nick

04/10/2011 19:28

So where is the movie? It's Aprill 11th already.

entry #459 by olivier

04/10/2011 18:49

check this out !!

entry #460 by scott

04/10/2011 18:42

It is April 11th????

entry #461 by DANO GOLDFIELD

04/10/2011 17:30

ORGANASMIC ! Sure wish I could be on that Rip Curl Search Team.......Hoping it is difficult to get to... Please don't be so eager to share it !?! Fireman DanO

entry #462 by John Ramos

04/10/2011 17:22

This looks great, how does this happen?

entry #463 by d-sanchez

04/10/2011 17:20

surfing? yawwwwwn...

entry #464 by Joan

04/10/2011 16:38

How very cool!

entry #465 by Chris Warren

04/10/2011 16:21

I have been surfing since 1967, I have never seen anything like this. I would have called the break Coco Bean's. What a dream

entry #466 by roofsy

04/10/2011 15:29

It's amazing. And... the hype is annoying and even appalling. Like a cheesy hollywood ad campaign- no, wait. Not "like". Sure glad we are told what kind of camera they used.

It's really, really sad what's happened to surfing in just a couple decades. Thanks a lot, rip curl.

entry #467 by evan

04/10/2011 13:23

i just came

entry #468 by alex ramos

04/10/2011 09:54

inacreditavel...somente o surf faz este tipo coisa.

entry #469 by Gaston

04/10/2011 08:39

Increíble !!! es impresionante que sigan apareciendo lugares con olas nuevas , muy buenas las tomas , quiero surfear ahi !!!!!
abrazo a todos !

entry #470 by Phillip Jones

04/09/2011 21:11

Insane! Im going to freeze myself until april 11 cause I cant stand the wait any longer

entry #471 by Davi Régis

04/09/2011 14:23

Oh my god! I cant believe what i see!
For sure, i will surf in that paradise one day!

entry #472 by Patrick Cranston

04/08/2011 18:27

OMG. where can we see full video !

entry #473 by Trist S

04/08/2011 18:07

Just checking the section on the next wave in shot 8...... oh crap.... may have just had an accident....

entry #474 by Xav

04/08/2011 09:17

Felt in love again...So sweet

entry #475 by Pilot

04/07/2011 19:44

Altass !! alahhh

entry #476 by Beto

04/07/2011 18:19

super video!!

entry #477 by G o g O - Surflocura

04/07/2011 14:49

Pow.. até a pororoca deles é mais perfeita q a nossaa!=D

IHHHHHHH... surf na veiaaaa..
muita pazZZZZ! uhullllll =)

entry #478 by Jimmy Slicin

04/07/2011 13:16

Sick find should not have said it was indo to keep wilbur kookmeyer away but hey i still am drooling and feinding for this video

entry #479 by Myles Bushell

04/07/2011 03:08

Not that good, my home break is way better.

entry #480 by Matts

04/07/2011 01:07

Incredible, but must you expose every wave on the planet. Now when it breaks it will be littered with Welsh long boarders, kayaks, gondolas and the worlds backpacking population on inflatable inner tubes. Nice one! Keep searching, keep schtum.

entry #481 by hanaleiboy

04/06/2011 23:42

TC is going to kill that thing!!!cant wait really stoked to see it!!

entry #482 by Igor

04/06/2011 22:55

The greatest pororoca waves that I've seen... Gorgeous! Congratulations for the video.

entry #483 by Dirk Nowitzki

04/06/2011 16:53

Looks like a nice case of lepto after surfing in that ***.

entry #484 by Walter Paulet

04/06/2011 13:25

Please, hour in Perú of 11 th april.

entry #485 by Benno

04/06/2011 05:09

A+ can't wait to see this. Decent size on those beasts too.

entry #486 by Kaiser

04/06/2011 00:00


entry #487 by Francisco- Portugal

04/05/2011 18:27


entry #488 by Pete

04/05/2011 10:19

OMG elemental videographer/photographer i need to get there and record this

entry #489 by tano

04/05/2011 08:50


entry #490 by adam wood

04/05/2011 06:36

insane !!!! cant wait for whole video

entry #491 by Rob Dent

04/05/2011 06:06

endless mind surfing to be had here, i can see me and all my mates on each and every wave at the same time. this is the sickest thing ive ever seen.

entry #492 by נדב אלימלך

04/05/2011 04:05

wow amazing take mi there please

entry #493 by Dhanny

04/05/2011 01:55


entry #494 by Hisam Setiawan

04/05/2011 00:40

There is amazing place! Nice picture. We like it. Thanks for this publish. River Defender - Riau

entry #495 by Aidan

04/04/2011 20:35

She's......She's beautiful.....

entry #496 by s

04/04/2011 18:11


entry #497 by Paulito

04/04/2011 18:04

To bad it isn't The Guaire river, Caracas.

entry #498 by messy

04/04/2011 14:19

:-)))))))))))))))))))))) this is a ***ing 1 april fools day joke guys sorry!!!

entry #499 by thiago tosta

04/04/2011 13:57

alucinante essa expedição ... impressionante, de arrepiar... a natureza sempre surpreendendo com novos picos...e essa rapaziada mandando ver como sempre, PARABÉNS A TODOS DA EQUIPE...

entry #500 by Guilherme

04/04/2011 13:29


entry #501 by Lisa de Speville

04/04/2011 10:25

Geezzz... this is incredible. What an amazing phenomenon. Do these waves only form during flooding, after heavy rainfall, certain tides or current directions? Very interesting. Can't wait to see more!

entry #502 by surfdanisurf

04/04/2011 09:38

O sonho se realizou...

entry #503 by kyleZA

04/04/2011 09:24

Even though people are posting in different languages, we all know exactly what they are saying! this is amazing.

entry #504 by cHida

04/04/2011 07:17

this is a pororoca's pipeline!! auhauahu the best wave i ever seen!

entry #505 by shauno

04/04/2011 06:09

INDO is a wave makin MACHINE!!!!!!

entry #506 by Gervas

04/03/2011 22:01

A la merda...

entry #507 by cleber

04/03/2011 18:59

os cara são demais incrivel mesmo
flw galera

entry #508 by john

04/03/2011 16:38

mierda. boy pa ya....

entry #509 by morfeo

04/03/2011 15:20

tremenda experiencia saludos desde venezuelaaa..!!!!! The wave and god only one..!!!

entry #510 by jeff

04/03/2011 15:05


entry #511 by roberto borrell

04/03/2011 13:51

super!!!!!! muchas gracias.. hoping to be there one day!!!!!

entry #512 by Daniel Macambira

04/03/2011 09:17

Muito perfeito, experiencia unica! contando os minutos para ver o filme completo!

entry #513 by soulier

04/03/2011 06:00

c est un truc de baiser, excuser moi du peut. Il me tarde le 11.

entry #514 by Gunter

04/03/2011 04:54

Basus!!! WTF, BAGUS!!!!

entry #515 by Rodrigo Matta

04/02/2011 19:57

This is my favorite wave!

entry #516 by RADAIK

04/02/2011 19:57


entry #517 by JB

04/02/2011 18:18

That looks amazing, it also looks like the Bono River in Sumatra. Pacific Longboarder magazine ran an article on it about 6 months ago, photographed by Frenchman Antony "Yep" Colas. Can't wait to see The Search vid.

entry #518 by UPONBOARD

04/02/2011 17:29


It's posted in ***

entry #519 by skyler

04/02/2011 16:52

i've never seen anything like this. what causes this, bore tide?

entry #520 by joe

04/02/2011 13:32

WTsheeeet?!!! I've never seen such symmetrical surf. The waves are perfect replicas of each other. I had to place a cup under my mouth to catch the drool. I'm going to need a large boat and some jet skis after this...

entry #521 by Rafael Quintiliano

04/02/2011 12:19

Inacreditável!!! Muito perfeita essa onda.

entry #522 by Rodrigo Braga

04/02/2011 07:44

Realmente impressionante o tamanho e qualidade desta onda de agua doce. Parabens pelo show de imagens de sua expedição.

entry #523 by Laurens Maas

04/01/2011 20:59

What an amazing act of nature !
Wow !

entry #524 by branden defilippo

04/01/2011 19:38

those waves are picture perfect i want to surf them now!, sign me up for the next trip. show more!!!!!!!! this looks so epic, i need to see the rest of this video now!!! so gnarly, 5 stars for sure

entry #525 by Humberto

04/01/2011 18:54


entry #526 by sergio torquto

04/01/2011 18:36

crazY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO PERFECT

entry #527 by marcelo schmidt

04/01/2011 18:19


entry #528 by iuri herane karg muhlfarth lopes

04/01/2011 16:39

Nunca ví nada igual. É uma mistura de sentimentos, extasiante, inacreditável, o sonho de qualquer surfista, mas como disse nosso amigo TommyP aí de cima, o que será que vive nessas águas?!

entry #529 by Russ

04/01/2011 16:09

Amazing, what a find! It does look like the same place where they shot 'Fresh Water Sea Monsters' but hey, as long as you don't tread water too long...
Great job guys!

entry #530 by carlos

04/01/2011 14:05

there is a heaven..

entry #531 by TommyP

04/01/2011 14:02

what could be living in those waters!???! ahhh who cares! epic! epic! epic!

entry #532 by Marcos

04/01/2011 13:14

That is Heaven! So perfect, unreal, even the rivers in Indo produce perfect waves! Im getting there for shure!

entry #533 by roger solagnier

04/01/2011 12:27

that right there is surf heaven!!

entry #534 by ivan ordonez

04/01/2011 12:26

woowww***.......que buenas olas....y que experiencia tan facinante....quiero estar alli...

entry #535 by Edouard Wattinne

04/01/2011 10:36

C'est incroyable! le rêve absolu!

entry #536 by keissy

04/01/2011 10:34

sin palabras es lo q todo surfista sueña con esas olas tan bellas, y sobre todo el lugar q vida tan linda jijijiji

entry #537 by Faaaaaaaaaaaaaarkout

04/01/2011 07:47

Oh my god. That is some crazy sheeeeeeeeet. Show us more.

entry #538 by Andrew McCarthy

04/01/2011 06:20

Awesome, Oney that crocodile was probably only 10 ft

entry #539 by johan

04/01/2011 06:13

joh, looks insane! would be awesome to put some bodyboarders as well on this wave

entry #540 by jimmy niggles

04/01/2011 06:04

totally unrealllllllllI'mmmm reallly keen to see this and get there

entry #541 by eduardo santos

04/01/2011 05:23


entry #542 by troy

04/01/2011 03:51

looks better than the footage of the river wave in south america.

entry #543 by Wayne

04/01/2011 02:18

How good is that!