Taylor Steele and Mick Fanning's MISSING premieres on Oahu's North Shore


North Shore, Oahu, HI (December 4, 2013):MISSING, the latest Taylor Steele creation, features Mick Fanning on a 3 week adventure across the globe, premiered last night in front of a packed crowd at the Surfer, [The Bar].

The project takes Mick Fanning out of the competition world of the ASP and drops him square into reality. "I wanted to work with Taylor and was trying to come up with a concept, but it all got too hard, I didn't need another thing to concentrate on as my life can be so regimented at times that I just said to him, you know what? You surprise me. I'll give you 21 days in July between events and whatever you want to do, I'm up for it."

From there the concept went undercover as Steele, Rip Curl and Garage Entertainment assembled the cast, the crew and the locations - all without MF knowing a thing. Basically, he would turn up on day one, be given a boarding pass and told to get on a plane. From there it was keep moving, keep being blown away, day- after-day layered with surprise.

"I was going on a trip to I don't know where, kind of like being kidnapped," he said, summing up the experience.

The premiere was a hit, as the surf worlds VIP's showed up eager to check out film. In attendance were co-stars Joel Parkinson, John John Florence, Matt Wilkinson, and Bruno Santos, as well as stand-out talents such as Dane Reynolds and Jamie O'Brian. The crowd hooted and hollered as Mick pulled into massive Cloudbreak pits in the final section.

Thank you to Surfer [The Bar] for hosting the event, as well as MISSING sponsors, Garage Entertainment, Sipping Jetstreams Media, Rip Curl, and Swellnet.

MISSING will be available on iTunes December 6th.

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