"Through The Doggy Door" Offers Tales Of Two Hawaiis

"Through The Doggy Door" Offers Tales Of Two Hawaiis

Life isn’t always easy, and it’s rarely fair. Born into surfing royalty, Mason Ho’s unique style in the water, plus larger than life personality out of the water, has put him at the top of the surfing game. Meanwhile, his friend Sheldon Paishon, who grew up on the rugged Westside of Oahu, hasn’t had it quite so easy. The new film “Through The Doggy Door,” directed and produced by Alani Media, seeks to tell the story of these two friends that grew up on the same island but under considerably different circumstances. 

Born and raised a stone’s throw from iconic Makaha, Sheldon grew up in paradise lost. One of the most beautiful stretches of beach the world over, the local community has fallen on hard times as homelessness and poverty have become huge hurdles to success. As a young child, Sheldon’s parents struggled and lived in a tent on the beach for years, but his dream of becoming a pro surfer never wained. Just keep surfing he told himself through all the challenges. 

Good friends are hard to find, and thankfully Sheldon and Mason struck up a fast friendship with they were young. Bonded by surfing, as Mason’s career blossomed and he became a bonafide international surf star, he helped usher Sheldon’s career along with him. Traveling the world together, Mason helped fund their adventures as they searched for waves, good times and surfing glory.  

Joining forces with Alani Media, “Through The Doggy Door” offers a unique, inside look at Sheldon and Mason’s relationship and just how hard it can be to come up from hard-scrabble circumstances and what the true meaning of the aloha spirit is. 

Join us at the Rip Curl Headquarters in San Clemente on Friday, October 14, for a special premiere of "Through The Doggy Door."

Mason and Sheldon will be on hand talking story and answering questions.

We'll see you there!

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