The Best Bikini For Your Body Type, With Surfer Rosy Hodge And Swimwear Designer Nat Bortolotto

The Best Bikini For Your Body Type, With Surfer Rosy Hodge And Swimwear Designer Nat Bortolotto

High leg, cheeky cut, bandeau, moulded cups… the options are endless with bikinis! Here, surfer Rosy Hodge breaks down what type of bikinis will fit your body the best.

Purchasing a swimsuit for summer is no easy feat. There are about 10,000 different styles of bikinis – from one pieces to skimpy bottoms, to high waisted pants, crop tops, triangles, bandeaus, the list goes on. And whether you’re shopping online or in a store, all of the options can be overwhelming.

To help you narrow down the options, we asked our swimwear designer, Nat Bortolotto, to sit down with surfer Rosy Hodge and talk through what bikini cut best suits your body shape. Take the guessing game out of bikini buying! Here’s your foolproof guide to the best bikinis for your body shape.

Happy bikini shopping!

Women's Swimwear and Surf Suits


CupChestUnderchestWaistLow Waist*Hip
32A 76-78.5 64.5-67 58.5-61 72.5-75 84.5-87
32A 81-83.5 69.5-72 63.5-66 77.5-80 89.5-92
34A/B 86-88.5 74.5-77 68.5-71 82.5-85 94.5-97
36B/C 91-93.5 79.5-82 73.5-76 87.5-90 99.5-102
38C/D 96-98.5 84.5-87 78.5-81 92.5-95 104.5-107
40D/DD 101-103.5 89.5-92 83.5-86 97.5-100 109.5-112

*10 cm from waist
Please note sizing information is listed in Metric.


Full Coverage Good Coverage Cheeky Coverage
Full Coverage
Full Coverage to flatter a curvy body shape.
Good Coverage
A modest fir that looks good on every body.
Cheeky Coverage
A flattering and comfortable shape with a little bit of cheek.
Skimpy Coverage Bare Coverage
Skimpy Coverage
A brief fit with minimal coverage.
Bare Coverage
Our skimpiest fit that bares almost all.


Light Support Good Support Full Support
Light Support
Flirty and fun for an A or B cup and petite frame.
Good Support
Comfort and confidence for an A to C cup.
Full Support
Both style & excellent support for a C to D cup.