Rip Curl Team Edits Are Off The Hook - Watch The Videos

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The Rip Curl team has been pumping out some insane edits over the past month. From Mason Ho going bonkers on a wild Brazilian wedge, to Pat Curren tearing apart the famed reefs of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, as well as Noah Wegrich honing his skills across the cold shores of Santa Cruz, and the fun vibes of Leilani McGonagle ripping her home break of Pavones, Costa Rica. It’s been a great month for the Rip Curl squad while scoring waves all across the world!

- Mason Ho "Puma Point"
- Noah Wegrich "I Love This Song"
- Pat Curren "Chicken Popsicle"
- Leilani McGonagle "Window to the Sky"
Pat Curren
Pat Curren