Brisa Hennessy - Aloha Spirit - Watch The Video

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16-year-old Brisa Hennessy derives from the 'other side of Oahu.' Where there isn't any Pipeline's or Sunset Beach's, but on the contrary there are bays full of crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and enough surf to refine her style. Brisa has all the accolades as a budding junior surf star, with numerous National Championships, and a passport full of stamps from her love of traveling. Up next for Brisa is the world stage, with her mind set on the World Tour, and a heart full of the aloha spirit, there's no telling where her talents will take her.

Edit: Justin Jung
Film: Justin Jung and Oq Abrar

Artist: Black Tie Dynasty
Track: I Like U
Source: Getty Images

Brisa Hennessy
Brisa Hennessy