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Growing up on the North Shore sure has its perks. Take recently turned 15-year-old Wyatt McHale for example, Wyatt knows he's fortunate to be raised on the most famous stretch of surf on the globe, but is also humbled by the opportunity and doesn't take it for granted.

Before getting island fever, Wyatt strives to get out and see the world. Being able to explore the globe allows Wyatt to learn life's greatest lessons. The difficulties while overcoming challenges on the road has taught him patience and how to make the best out of every situation.

Whether it's huge frontside airs, stand up tubes at an Indo reef pass, or meeting a small village of kids in a land far away, Wyatt's search has taught him a love for life.


Justin Jung
Jacob Vanderwork
Aaron Lieber
Nick Pollet

Justin Jung

Wyatt McHale, Always Searching...
Wyatt McHale, Always Searching...