Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

posted by Team

Thanks to Instagram and Tumblr, we are well versed in the knowledge that the true meaning of adventure is to lay in a cold tent at the top of a sacred mountain, sip single origin coffee from your vintage-replica camping cup and take #35mm photos of your every move. Waves or no waves, this is the new way to do trips right? Well imagine going back to the pre-smart phone age for second and channeling the vibes of an O.G surf trip. Keep it basic, dial in the swell, load the wagon and listen to some punk. Visit the bakery as often as possible, sleep in a weird motel, talk about babes and psych on your favorite surfers. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it real. Starring the visitors from Central California, Noah Wegrich, Pat Curren, and Wilem Banks, while hosted by New Zealand regulars Johnny Hicks and Elliot Paerata-Reid.

Film & Edit: Cam Neate Additional Footage: Damon Meade Photography: Jereme Aubertin Music by: The Art Museums