Mick Fanning - Made For Waves By Rip Curl

Mick Fanning demands performance. His days are made up of endless hours in the ocean, running laps on the Gold Coast points, always searching for that perfect wave to finish his session. He never gives up, never gives in, never settles for less. The way Mick lives and surfs, he can’t be let down by what he wears in the water – And with revolutionary water repellence, invisible welded seams and friction free ES5 fabric, the MF Ultimate Mirage is what he relies on. Mick’s board shorts are a product of his obsession to do better, to be better, every single day.

The MF Ultimate Mirage is…

Artist: Andy Strachan
Track: Follow The Sun

Mick Fanning - Made For Waves by Rip Curl
Mick Fanning - Made For Waves by Rip Curl