Tom Curren Jam Session On Oahu's North Shore

Tom Curren is the kind of guy that never stops searching. He’s the true embodiment of what it’s all about – living and breathing.

From the very beginning it was Curren, locking into dreamlike barrels in never before seen waves – scouring the Indonesian archipelago for glassy blue lines, stacked to the horizon. 

And just recently, during an impromptu show on the North Shore of Oahu, he decided to release an entire reel of never before seen footage from some of his most iconic trips.

Shown by Sonny Miller and Derek Hoffman in the Search days of the early ‘90s, it was an entirely new montage of the iconic Searching for Tom Curren. And in true Tom fashion, he didn’t say a word about it during the gig.

 As he strummed his guitar in front of a growing crowd, the TVs in the background looped vision of empty lineups, crystal blue waters and a style only one man on this planet has – Mr. Tom Curren.

That style, combined with his endless quest on The Search,is the reason Tom Curren has such a following – why guys like Conner Coffin and Mason Ho site him as one of their all-time favorite surfers.

After the show finished we asked Tom… “What’s next? What life look like for Tom in 2017?”

“Me? I’m just doing my thing,” he said, sauntering out of the bar towards his pushbike. “Travelling. Playing music. Surfing, Searching and finding new ways to ride waves.”

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