Owen Wright’S New Beginnings


The Big O talks becoming a dad and getting back in the water.


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Owen Wright. But from working through a heavy recovery, supporting his sister’s World Title win, all the way to having a baby boy, it’s safe to say he’s been a busy man.

And last week, when staff photographer Corey Wilson sent through these shots of Owen, his son Vali, Mick, Wilko and the gang, we couldn’t resist giving him a call.


Owen, how good is it to be back in the water?

Ah, I’m loving it! I’ve been in the water every day, training and just enjoying getting wet. I feel really healthy, which is epic.


And, you’re a dad! Congratulations. Can you tell us what it’s been like for you?

It’s pretty cliché, but it literally is the best thing in the world. We’ve been pretty lucky – there are two of us to hang out with Vali and watch him, and everything is in pretty close proximity. I can imagine it’d be a way bigger challenge if it were just one parent trying to do everything.


I don’t think you’d ever sleep!

Well it’s funny you say that because I’ve actually had a bit of sleep. With a head injury, you don’t get much sleep – so I was well prepared for this. I’m sleeping better now then I was during the head injury!


Having a baby is easy then, right!?

Ha, kind of! Honestly, having a baby is easy compared to a head injury. It seriously is. I feel like it was a hard way to prepare myself for having Vali, but things have been a bit easier than what I thought. Now that I’ve cleared the head injury stuff up, it’s on to learning how to be a dad.

Don’t get me wrong though. Having a child is totally overwhelming, but it also is literally the best thing ever.


And you took him ‘round to Mick’s the other day. Was that the first time he met the boys?

 Yup, that was the first time. It was pretty funny – I put him in Wilko’s arms and he just started laughing and smiling and chatting away. It was so cute, and Wilko was amazing with him. Then he jumped in Mick’s arms and he did the same thing. It was the best. And actually, Corey as well! I just plonked him on Corey and Corey just melted.

I have to say sorry for my confidence sometimes because I forget people haven’t held that many small babies! I hand Vali over and am like, “Here, hold him!” and everyone’s reaction is like, “Ah, what do I do!?”

But it was such an awesome thing for all the boys to meet Vali – it was just so good to get the gang back together and hang out. And I mean, I hadn’t seen Corey since it happened. He was like, “It’s so good to see you Owen, and now there are two of you!”


That is a terrifying prospect.

 Yeah, I was like, “Yup, you’re dead Corey!”


But he did manage to snap a pretty nice photo of you two…

Oh man, I was so frothing on that photo. It was so funny, Vali literally posed for Corey’s camera for about five minutes. He was changing positions and opening his eyes and doing all this stuff to make himself look as cute as possible. I was like, “Dude, you’ve gotta stop doing this – you’re way too cute.” It was great.


Well congratulations Ow – can’t wait to see what lies ahead this year.


Owen Wright
Owen Wright