Tyler Wright Is Ready: Bring On 2017

It’s no surprise that, a week out from the start of the 2017 World Tour season, Tyler Wright is making headlines once again. That’s the way she did it when she won her first World Title, and that’s the way she’s starting her year ­– big, bold, no holding back.

Yesterday she scored what some are calling the best barrel from the Gold Coast in 2017. And when you watch the footage, you’ll be hard-pressed not to agree.

“Yup, yesterday was pretty insane,” Tyler tells us over a crackling phone line. She’s standing on the point at Snapper Rocks, picking her moment to hang up and paddle out. Wind muffles her voice. “That was… definitely… one of the best barrels I’ve ever had on the Gold Coast.

“I saw it coming through a ways off and I wasn’t going to go, but my brother Mikey (Wright) was like… ‘Ty, this is yours!’ And I started getting called onto it by a bunch of guys in the lineup. So, I went. It was epic. I could not stop smiling. I’m actually still smiling just talking about it.”

Less than a week out from competition, is this Tyler’s way of making a statement, telling the world that she’s ready ­to come back and do it all over again?

“You know what, no. I have absolutely no idea what 2017 is going to bring. I don’t know what lies ahead this year. I have no preconceived notions. But, I feel really good. I’ve got the same people in my corner, I’m still training with Micro (Glenn Hall, Tyler’s coach), I’m doing it right. I’m ready for whatever gets thrown my way.

“My goal is the same as last year. Get out there and win every heat, then win every final. It’s that simple. And after a run of waves like this? I’m just stoked. I’m stoked on surfing and I’m psyched to be in the water.”

That sounds like a potent cocktail of talent, ambition and excitement, if you ask us.

Bring on 2017, and #GoTyler!

Tyler Wright is Ready: Bring on 2017
Tyler Wright is Ready: Bring on 2017