Rounds 1 And 2 Completed - International Rip Curl Gromsearch Final


Rounds 1 and 2 Completed At The 2017 International Rip Curl GromSearch Final 

The 2017 International Rip Curl GromSearch Final presented by Coconuts Hotel kicked off today in fun two-to-three conditions on the beautiful Maresias Beach, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

16 of the world’s best groms, from seven different regions around the globe, began their battle to put their name amongst the prestigious list of past winners. Whoever makes it to the top of the podium will be staking their claim alongside former International GromSearch Champions like 2014 World Champion Gabriel Medina, current Women’s World Champion Tyler Wright, Owen Wright, Samuel Pupo, Nikki van Dijk, Mason Ho, Alana Blanchard and more.

The day kicked off with a seeding round to determine the draw for the main event. Caroline Marks (USA) and Jay Brown (AUS) both stole the show, finishing their four-man heats with cumulative totals of 14.15 and 15.75, respectively.

From there it was straight into round one the main event featuring four 25-minute two-man heats, non-elimination, for both the men and women. On the women’s side of the draw Caroline Marks again took the win, this time over Catalina Mercere (ARG). Louisie Frumento (BRA) took down Ellie Turner (UK), Elin Tawharu (NZL) came out on top over Dhea Nastasya (IND), and Sasha Baker (AUS) took the win over Carol Bonelli (BRA) in one of the tricker heats of the day.

“I’m so happy with making my first round heat here,” Sasha said, post-heat. “It’s really important to me to do well here. This is really my first time overseas, apart from a trip to Indonesia once, so it’s a pretty big deal to me.

“It was tricky out there in that heat, but the waves here remind me a lot of my home break on the Sunshine Coast. So I feel confident and comfortable." 

On the men’s side of the draw, Jay Brown (AUS) took out Leonardo Barcelos (BRA), Yael Pena (ESP) got the jump on Daniel Adisaka (BRA), Rio Waida (IND) came up above Caleb Cutmore (NZL) and Kade Matson (USA) took down Gaspar Larragneguy (ARG).

“Oh man, I’m so stoked that I got through that round,” Kade said. “For me, I mean, I’m at the younger end of the age spectrum here… I’m only 14… so it would mean the world to me to do well against these guys. It’s looked at as a really prestigious event where I’m from, so, I’m going to be doing my best.”

Jay Brown echoed that sentiment. “Yeah, coming here is a huge deal for me,” he said. “I’ve spent so long training at home for this, I’d be so bummed if I came here and lost in the first elimination round. But now that I’m through to the quarterfinals, that won’t be a problem!” 

As the afternoon light began to fade on Maresias Beach, the surf began to clean up with an offshore breeze, and round two commenced. The first elimination round of the event, we saw Catalina Mercere (ARG), Carol Bonelli (BRA), Daniel Adisaka (BRA) and Gaspar Larragneguy (ARG) all bow out of the draw.

The call will be tomorrow at 7am, and conditions are looking promising. Stay tuned.

The waiting period for the International GromSearch Final runs until May 7, 2017. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes content, dropping daily. 

Official Results

Men’s Round 1

  • Heat 1: Jay Brown (AUS) 14.35 def. Leonardo Barcelos (BRA) 11.20
  • Heat 2: Yael Pena (ESP) 14.35 def. Daniel Adisaka (BRA) 13.25
  • Heat 3: Kade Matson (USA) 13.85 def. Gaspar Larragneguy (ARG) 8.65
  • Heat 4: Rio Waida (IND) 16.85 def. Caleb Cutmore (NZL) 12.40

Women’s Round 1

  • Heat 1: Caroline Marks (USA) 17.50 def. Catalina Mercere (ARG) 8.20
  • Heat 2: Louisie Frumento (BRA) 13.50 def. Ellie Turner (UK) 11.10
  • Heat 3: Elin Tawharu (NZL) 13.50 def. Dhea Nastasya (IND) 8.75
  • Heat 4: Sasha Baker (AUS) 12.15 def. Carol Bonelli (BRA) 8.45

 Men’s Round 2:

  • Heat 1: Leonardo Barcelos (BRA) 13.50 def. Daniel Adisaka (BRA) 12.60
  • Heat 2: Gaspar Larragneguy (ARG) 10.00 def. Caleb Cutmore (NZL) 12.75

Women’s Round 2:

  • Heat 1: Catalina Mercere (ARG) 10.30 def. Ellie Turner (UK) 12.15
  • Heat 2: Dhea Nastasya (IND) 13.50 def. Carol Bonelli (BRA) 10.15

Rounds 1 and 2 Completed - International Rip Curl GromSearch Final
Rounds 1 and 2 Completed - International Rip Curl GromSearch Final