Rip Curl Pro Tofino Fires Again On Day 2


Saturday, May 13th 2017 (Cox Bay, Tofino, BC, Canada) - The field of 40 men in the Pro division has been narrowed down to the final 4 here on day two of competition at the 2017 Rip Curl Pro Tofino presented by Monster Energy. A full day of action showcased eight different divisions as Cox Bay continued to deliver quality waves for the 11th annual event. A light breeze, met with consistent 3-4 foot peaks, offered plenty of opportunity for both local Canadian surfers and traveling visitors. 

20-year-old Pat Curren stole the show today following up a dominant performance by his father Tom Curren during yesterday’s opening day of competition. The younger Curren found his form as he advanced through multiple heats and capped off the day with a dominating quarterfinal performance scoring the day’s highest single score of a 8.93 for a fully rotated backside air.

“I’m feeling really good this event, I think it’s the mindset about having fun for this contest especially…I try not to look at the competitors waves either, I stay in my own zone and try to do my own thing,”Curren explained of his new found heat strategy. 

Curren described what was arguably the most radical maneuver of the Rip Curl Pro thus far.

“I guess it was a hail mary? I landed clean and felt good. I was surprised I landed but I was psyched on it, super stoked.”

Tomorrow’s final day of competition will see the Pro Men’s divvy down to man-on-man heats, as last year’s defending champion Kevin Shulz will face 6x past winner Peter Devries, while Curren will face young Californian Elijah Fox.

Moving on to the Women’s Pro/Am division, the girls showed off their talents as numerous excellent rides filled the score sheets. However, the youngest of all the competitors rose above the field to steal the spotlight. 11-year-old Tofino local, Sanoa Olin dominated her semi-final heat over the much more experienced girls.

“I got the one left and the one right but I knew that I needed something and then the wave came and I was like ‘Okay, this is one,’”stated a relieved Olin, “When I heard the scores I was excited, because I was like ‘Okay I’m going to make it.’”

With a total of 12 divisions set to crown both event and Canadian National champions heading into tomorrow’s final day of competition, competitors will face their toughest challenges as only the top talents remain in the draw. With more quality swell is expected to arrive, the anticipated beach full of spectators will be in for a real treat. 




Pro Men's: Round 3: Heat 1

  • 1st: Kevin Shulz (USA) 14.00
  • 2nd: Michael Darling (CAN) 13.34
  • 3rd: Evan Thomas Puma (CAN) 13.33
  • 4th: Tom Curren (USA) 11.00


Pro Men's: Round 3: Heat 2

  • 1st: Kilian Garland (USA) 15.33
  • 2nd: Elijah Fox (CAN) 13.66
  • 3rd: Kalum Bruhwiler Temple (CAN) 12.83
  • 4th: Shannon Campbell Brown (AUS) 12.50

Pro Men's: Round 3: Heat 3

  • 1st: Noah Wegrich (USA) 14.66
  • 2nd: Pat Curren (USA) 13.83
  • 3rd: Ben Murphy (CAN) 12.16
  • 4th: Kye Peladeau (CAN) 9.50

Pro Men's: Round 3: Heat 4

  • 1st: Peter Devries (USA) 15.66
  • 2nd: Dane Anderson (USA) 14.50
  • 3rd: Max Self (CAN) 13.67
  • 4th: Janek Peladeau (CAN) 11.67


Pro Men's: Quarterfinal: Heat 1

  • 1st: Kevin Shulz (USA) 15.50
  • 2nd: Elijah Fox (CAN) 15.17
  • 3rd: Kilian Garland (USA) 14.50
  • 4th: Michael Darling (CAN) 12.00


Pro Men's: Quarterfinal: Heat 2

  • 1st: Pat Curren (USA) 16.10
  • 2nd: Peter Devries (USA) 14.83
  • 3rd: Dane Anderson (USA) 13.66
  • 4th: Noah Wegrich (USA) 9.83

Pro/Am Women's: Quarterfinal: Heat 1

  • 1st: Mathea Olin (CAN) 17.17
  • 2nd: Kat Rosene (CAN) 9.50
  • 3rd: Jasmine Porter (CAN) 9.17
  • 4th: Dawn Batenchuk (CAN) 4.83


Pro/Am Women's: Quarterfinal: Heat 2

  • 1st: Sara Taylor (USA) 14.83
  • 2nd: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 12.17
  • 3rd: Frances Kelly (CAN) 5.00
  • 4th: Lily Turner (USA) 

Pro/Am Women's: Quarterfinal: Heat 3

  • 1st: Hanna Scott (CAN) 12.84
  • 2nd: Shandy Kariatsumari (CAN) 8.67
  • 3rd: Hannah Simms (CAN)


Pro/Am Women's: Quarterfinal: Heat 4

  • 1st: Leah Oke (CAN) 14.67
  • 2nd: Carly Wilson (USA) 11.33
  • 3rd: Emily Ballard (CAN) 2.17


Pro/Am Women's: Semifinal: Heat 1

  • 1st: Sara Taylor (USA) 12.67
  • 2nd: Mathea Olin (CAN) 12.50
  • 3rd: Carly Wilson (USA) 11.00
  • 4th: Shandy Kariatsuari (CAN) 6.50


Pro/Am Women's: Semifinal: Heat 2

  • 1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 14.50
  • 2nd: Leah Oke (CAN) 13.66
  • 3rd: Hanna Scott (CAN) 11.17
  • 4th: Kat Rosene (CAN) 7.00


The Rip Curl Pro Tofino is presented by Monster Energy in association with Telus, Coors Banquet, Spy Optics, Flor de Cana, Evan Williams Bourbon, Canadian Surfing Association, Surfline, SBC Surf, Coast Mountain Culture, Aftnas Surfboards & Tourism Tofino. 

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Rip Curl Pro Tofino Fires Again On Day 2
Rip Curl Pro Tofino Fires Again On Day 2