Introducing The Float Collective

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The Float Collective is a surf industry initiative centered around unique products, produced by the industry’s best brands and distributed by the industry’s most premium specialty retailers with the goal of giving back to those in need. 

Grounded with the simple mission to “do the most good,” the SIMA Humanitarian Fund (est. 2006) aims to raise funds and support for non-profit organizations that utilize surfing or boardsports to improve the quality of life, health and/or welfare of people in need.

2017 Float Collective Beneficiaries

The following humanitarian organizations have been carefully selected as recipients of the proceeds from the 2017 Float Collective fundraising efforts in the form of a SIMA Humanitarian Fund grant. The organizations were chosen based on their commitment of those funds to specific projects that utilize surfing or boardsports to improve the quality of life, health and/or welfare of people in need.

AccesSurf Hawaiiempowers people with physical and cognitive disabilities through accessible water programs. Funding will be used to help with the 11th annual International Adaptive Surfing Competition, the Day at the beach program, devolving adaptive surf teams and clinics, and the Wounded Warrior day at the beach program.

Amazing Surf Adventuresdevelops community programs which utilize surfing, along with other activities, to help individuals change their perspective and overcome their personal challenges. Funding will be used to help with Operation Surf and Operation Surf for Veterans Operation Surf is an epic, life-changing adventure for our wounded veteran and active duty military heroes. Operation Surf is a week-long surf camp for disabled veterans.

Best Day Foundation, Inc.-enables children with special needs to build confidence and self-esteem through adventure activities which stretch their limits, explore their true potential, reinforce their achievement, & connect them with diverse populations in their community. Funding will help to upgrade systems and equipment needed for the many events put on by Best Day Foundation.

Boys to Men Mentoring Network Inc.-is a community mentoring model serving middle school boys at risk of educational failure. Seeking to improve boys’ mental and physical well-being and build a stronger community of men and families. Funding to provide a community of caring male mentors through our Surf Nights Project to fatherless, high risk boys.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundationmission is to cure cystic fibrosis and to provide all people with the disease the opportunity to lead full, productive lives. Funds will help with the Pipeline to a Cure National SUP Day. The program was created to spread the message that the ocean can help heal people with Cystic Fibrosis.

Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundationis dedicated to honoring the life of our inspiration, Jimmy Miller, by supporting the healing of mental and physical illness and injury through surfing and ocean related activities. Funding will be used to continue to grow their Veteran surf program.

John Wayne Cancer Foundationmission is to bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer. Funds will be used to fund John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s Block the Blaze youth skin cancer education program for California junior lifeguard board sport athletes, and to expand this program to junior lifeguard board sport athletes in other states in 2018.

Life Rolls Onis dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury and utilizes action sports as a platform for inspiring the infinite possibilities beyond paralysis. Funding will support the They Will Surf Again Program which serves as an exceptional opportunity for individuals with SCI and their families to network and establish new support networks outside traditional group of the paralysis community.

Mauli Ola Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic disorders (like cystic fibrosis and cancer). Harnessing the healing powers of the ocean, MOF introduces surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies. Funding will be used to help with Surf Experience Tour, Ocean Experience Tour, and pediatric hospital visits nationally.

Outdoor Outreachprovides positive opportunities and supports for our communities’ most vulnerable youth, helping them overcome risk factors like abuse, homelessness, immigration and refugee status, or involvement in the juvenile justice system. Funds will support a minimum of 35 out-of-school time surf programs for underserved and at-risk youth in San Diego.

STOKED Mentoring, Inc.  (“STOKED”)creates a community of fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity, and action. STOKED utilizes action sports to inspire vulnerable youth. Funds to support its Surf Mentor program taking place from May 2017 to September 2017 in NYC and LA.

SurfAidis a non-profit humanitarian organization whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing. Funding will go towards improving mother and child health in South Pagai, Mentawai

Surfers Healing Foundation, Inc.Through the transformative experience of surfing, Surfers Healing attains greater mainstream acceptance for both the families of and the kids living with autism. The funds will help put on Surfers Healing surf camps throughout the world.

Valpo Surf Projectgoal is to use surfing instruction, partnered with academic mentoring to encourage English language skills, personal character development, and environmental consciousness among underprivileged and at-risk youth in Valparaíso, Chile and coastal cities across the globe. Funding will help with the Viña del Mar expansion site