Get The Look: Rosy Hodge, Trestles

Over the past few weeks Rosy Hodge has been coming through your webcast screens, straight from the shores of San Clemente, California – a place she also calls home. 

Before the event at Trestles kicked off, we gave Rosy a call and told her to head to her closest Rip Curl store and go on a shopping spree. Find everything she needed to stay cool (and look good) at Trestles. Here’s what she chose…

A clean white linen Rip Curl top paired with the Hot Springs Short, a breezy combo that keeps you covered and comfortable, ready for a long day in the sun.

Super easy and completely unique, Rosy paired the bright red Wettie Revival Tee with her favourite pair of Rip Curl denim shorts.

And last but not least, Rosy chose a simple retro Rip Curl tee to throw on over her bikini, for the walk up the train tracks towards home.

Check back in a few weeks to find out what Rosy chose for her time in Europe!