Brisa Hennessy Scores Wildcard

Brisa Hennessy Scores Wildcard Into Maui Women’s Pro

Fresh off a Rip Curl Women’s trip on the North Shore of Oahu, Brisa Hennessy has just been given entry into the 2017 Maui Women’s Pro, held at Honolua Bay from November 25 – December 6.

“I am so excited to get to be able to surf with the best women in the world out at Honolua,” Brisa said. “And more than that, with the forecasted swell, I’m just psyched to have the opportunity to paddle out with one other person – and enjoy what this beautiful Pacific ocean has to offer.”

Currently ranked 19th on the QS, Brisa was given the wildcard into the Maui Women’s Pro as she is the highest ranking Hawaiian on the leaderboard – an accomplishment in itself, if you ask us.

“After a week on the North Shore surfing with all of the Rip Curl girls, I’m feeling ready to go over to Maui and put in some solid surfing. I have four brand new boards that I can’t wait to ride, too, which is always something to look forward to!

“I also feel really blessed to be able to see the World Title race go down at Honolua Bay, and to potentially even play a part in it. I can’t wait to see what happens – all of the girls are ripping so hard, and it’ll be an awesome showdown.”

Brisa is currently seeded for Heat 3 against Sally Fitzgibbons and Silvana Lima. This means that, as luck would have it, she’s on the opposite side of the draw from her teammate Tyler Wright.

Could Brisa be the one to take down Tyler’s World Title opponent, Sally Fitzgibbons? Only time will tell…

Brisa Hennessy Scores Wildcard
Brisa Hennessy Scores Wildcard Rip Curl