An Insight Into The Life And Career Of 3x World Champion Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning is used to the spotlight. Every event, every competition, every announcement, Mick is there and he’s the man with everyone’s attention. He’s done countless interviews and photo shoots, TV crosses and movie parts, he’s graced the cover of every magazine and newspaper around the world and back again, and he’s headlined the nightly news for as long as we can remember.

He’s in the spotlight, but he lives a private life. He hasn’t given much away… until now.

In this very special clip, produced by Red Bull for #CheersMick, Mick Fanning gives us an insight into his life like never before.

So go ahead... sit down, relax and get ready for a 10-minute narration on one of the greatest men in surfing, and one of the biggest legends in the world.