Tyler Wright And A 48-Hour Strike Mission To Fiji


The 2x World Champion hops across the pond for a brief 48-hours, chasing a swell in the land of lefts… Fiji.

Just a few days after returning home from an early exit in Brazil, 2x World Champion Tyler Wright was back up at 36,000 feet – barrelling through the sky en route to another tropical locale. This time the destination was Fiji, and the reason was swell. No competition, no partner in crime – just Tyler and a building South Pacific swell.

“When I was knocked out in Brazil I knew I had a bit of time to kill at home,” Tyler said. “I started looking at charts and saw this swell coming to Fiji. I need to practice going left – and what better place to do it? So I booked a flight and next thing I knew I was getting off a boat in Fiji.”

The swell didn’t materialise to the extent Tyler was hoping, but she still got into some solid left hand waves… and, it turns out, reeled in a few fish too. 48 hours well spent, if you ask us.

Next stop? Keramas.

Stay tuned.