Crosby Colapinto Earns Maiden Wqs Win At Pumping Hb!

An all-day tear earns Crosby Colapinto his first WQS victory over Brazilian Phillippe Chagas in five-to-eight-foot HB

The 2019 WSL Mens QS Jacks Surfboards Pro 1500 crowned Crosby Colapinto (San Clemente, CA) his first WQS win in pumping, five-to-eight-foot surf on Sunday. Crosby's long road to the Finals included big wins over Noah Schweizer (FL), Kauli Vaast (France), and an action-packed Semi with former CT competitor and fellow San Clemente native, Nate Yeomans. Colapinto was on an all-day heater, dropping an event best 18.27 heat total in the Quarterfinal Heat 1 against Vaast. The final pinned Crosby against the inform, powerful Brazilian, Phillippe Chagas during the most challenging, unruly conditions of the day.

Chagas started out the heat with an immediate 7.17 with Crosby following up with an 8.50 on one of the larger sets of the day. The Final then saw the curse of the finals lull, with an 8-minute pause where no waves were ridden. Looking for their next opportunity, Colapinto and Chagas paddled for an outside set that resulted in Crosby grabbing a 7.00 in the last 5 minutes and Chagas coming down with a fall that sealed the heat.

"That was one of the best feelings in my life so far and this smile wont leave my face for a long time..."Colapinto

"This is crazy, I was just coming into this event trying to get a couple of points and to win it is just a dream. I worked hard for this and I had all my friends and family down here so it was a really good moment." Colapinto's beach support included CT surfers Griffin Colapinto and Kolohe Andino, with fellow San Clemente boys Kade Matson and Jett Shilling.

"I knew there were going to five heats if I made the Final so I was planning at the beginning of the day to drink water, stay energized and keep calm between heats," Colapinto added. "You had to be on the best waves. Now I'm going to go to Snapper and Bells which will be super fun. I'm going to watch my brother smash the contests so that'll be cool. By the end of the year I want to be in the QS 10,000s at Hawaii, that's my goal, and to be in the QS 6,000s next season."

Colapinto now prepares for a trip back to Australia to watch his brother compete amongst the world's best at the WSL Snapper and Rip Curl Pro Bells events.

Photos: Matt Ord

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