Birthday Barrels with Mason Ho

Birthday Barrels with Mason Ho

The finest summer surfing on the planet, featuring Hawaii’s Mason Ho.

How did you spend your 31st birthday? Did you have a backyard BBQ with your family, close friends? A few beverages at the beach? Or perhaps you haven’t had a 31st yet, and any number with a three in front of it isn’t a thought you’re yet willing to entertain. If you’re one of the latter then pay attention, because Mason Ho is here to dispel those fears of the dirty thirties.

This clip titled “Hawaiian Summer Surfing” is a fantastic reminder that 30-something-year-olds can have it all, too. In this case having it all means having a ball… and getting extremely barreled.

Filmed over a few days on the North Shore, just before his 31st birthday, Mason Ho tucks in to more blue-water tunnels than most of us will see in a lifetime. With a variety of boards, a variety of conditions and a few good mates thrown in the mix – Sheldon Paishon and Kamo Lasconia – it doesn’t get much better than this.

31 looks good on you, Mase.