Introducing Luke Swanson

Introducing Luke Swanson

The debut edit from Luke Swanson!

Introducing Rip Curl's latest explosive junior talent, Luke Swanson! Enjoy his debut video-edit featuring the high-flying sensation launching airs all over his home turf of Oahu's, North Shore. Luke's been groomed on the peaks of Rocky Point, which perfectly suit his mixed bag of talents above the lip and in the tube.

We proudly secured a sponsorship with Luke in early 2019 after observing the well-spoken 15-year-old in both free-surfs and contests. We knew he would be a great addition to the Rip Curl team. We look forward to many years of Luke's epic surfing pushing the envelope and charismatic personality!

Video: Rory Pringle, Dave Swanson, Justin Jung, and Matt Ord Edit: Justin Jung