It's Time for a Little 'Indulgence' with Conner Coffin

With a Break in Events Upon Us, Conner Coffin Dropped a Delectable Edit After Collecting Clips During This Past Year on the Road—and Now, It's Time for a Little Indulgence...

This edit is a culmination of free surf moments from the currently ranked World No. 11. A collection of clips without a jersey, from his favorite waves in the world. Enjoy 4 minutes of Conner defacing open faced walls and more in a new edit by Ryan Perry.

"Ryan and I had a blast working on Indulgence over the last year! Essentially it's just a compilation of footage we have gathered in between events at some of my favorite waves to surf around the world. I was super fired up that Social D helped us use “Indulgence” as they’ve been one of my favorite bands to listen to for pre-surfs since I was a kid. Seemed a fitting title for indulging in some amazing waves around the world." - Conner Coffin