Outer Inner Space | The Search

Outer Inner Space | The Search

Mick Fanning is jumping out of his skin. It’s taken four days to get here and waking to the sight of six-to-eight foot A-frames unloading right in front of the camp has got the three-time World Champ’s blood at maximum fizz.

Have you always wondered what it would be like to meet a World Champion? Or get a poster signed by your favourite surfer, addressed just to you? Yes? Well, you’re in luck.

At the start of the 2019 WCT season, we’ve got a heap of team signings planned around the country. No sign-up required, all you’ve got to do is check out the schedule below, pick your signing and show up! We always recommend arriving a bit early, just in case there’s a queue.

This 2019 you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team at the following locations...

He suits up, skips down the boulders, jumps in a rip and is swept towards the impact zone just as the first true set of the morning begins stampeding over the horizon.

"It’s a lot bigger than it looks out there, huh,... Brah… the Search has delivered again!" - Mason Ho

Collision is inevitable. Line after line of unimpeded ocean power aims to unload directly onto the famous blond cranium of Kirra’s favourite son. As we watch Mick get obliterated, Mason Ho stops waxing his 6’4”, returns it to his board bag and picks up a knifey looking 6’8” pintail. “It’s a lot bigger than it looks out there, huh,” he says with a smile that’s all eyebrows. “Brah… the Search has delivered again!”...

Welcome to Rip Curl’s latest episode of #TheSearch, Outer Inner Space.

Join the crew and become a part of #TheSearch when you head over here for the full interactive experience. #TheSearch

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