Ecommerce Content Coordinator

Main Purpose and Major Challenges of the Role

The position’s primary role is to help lead Rip Curl USA’s regional website and oversee the functionality of, while being a major stakeholder of Rip Curl’s digital initiatives, particularly on the front end of and Amazon.


Objective 1:Populate all product and product information for each new arrival launch.

Objective 2: Work closely with the Marketing Department to design and update all relevant content stories pertaining to the brand, as well as keeping all banners fresh.

Objective 3: Collaborate with Digital Commerce Operations Coordinator to optimize product display pages, utilizing lifestyle imagery, video, and telling any applicable technical stories.

Objective 4: Author and maintain the Digital Campaign Calendar.

Objective 5: Build and deploy product microsites that showcase our campaign, videos, social media, etc. to create a better connection to the audience.

Objective 6: Work diligently to optimize UX with the goal of increasing conversion rates.


Objective 1: Translate our campaigns to exciting digital formats on sites like SURFLINE.

Objective 2: Oversee email marketing initiatives, designing emails with the intent to drive revenue on Lead email database growth initiatives.

Objective 3: Manage third party technology partners, ensuring maximum value from each partner. Suggest new technologies/partners while constantly evaluating current partners.


Objective 1: Optimize product presentation, utilizing A+ Detail pages, and ensuring the highest quality and quantity of images are utilized, as well as video where applicable. 

Objective 2: Assist with performance marketing strategy and execution on Amazon to ensure we are accelerating demand and discoverability.

Objective 3: Assist in strategy and execution to increase reviews on all 401k styles exponentially.

Essential Qualities

  • Extremely driven, independent, self-starter who strives to achieve greatness in every aspect of the job.
  • Passionate about eCommerce, UX, design, and technology.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills, ability to lead multiple projects at the same time, track progress, and report updates to stakeholders.
  • Ability to take direction, work autonomously, and meet deadlines consistently.

Qualification & Experience Requirements

  • Must be an expert in writing and understanding HTML, Photoshop, inDesign, etc.
  • Must have a passion for action sports and show an understanding of the importance of BRAND as well as products.
  • Must be extremely connected to the digital space, trends, and how things are moving.
  • Must possess an understanding and work ethic that reflects “the web never sleeps”.
  • Must show the ability to connect campaigns and product pushes to the digital space.


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