The Ultimate Guide To The 2024 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal

The Ultimate Guide To The 2024 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Image of the waves in Panieche PortugalImage of the waves in Panieche Portugal

The world’s best surfers are heading to Peniche for stop #3 of the World Surf League Championship Tour, the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal!

The town of Peniche is unassuming. Home to one of Portugal’s largest fishing industries, it’s a bustling, working-class economy. At first glance you’d never assume it held any secrets – but if you look just a little bit closer, you’ll see that it plays host to one of the world’s best barrels… Supertubos, a pumping sandbar that offers both left and right barrels running at the speed of a freight train, perfectly hollow yet never forgiving.

In 2009, Rip Curl’s Search event series took the world’s best surfers to the tiny town of Peniche, and from the second we laid eyes on the green beauty that is Supertubos, we were hooked. We haven’t missed a year since.

From what’s on, how to watch and what to bring, here's your ultimate guide to the 2024 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal..

Peniche Portugal Event site on the beachPeniche Portugal Event site on the beach

What's On:

Rip Curl Flashbomb Fusion Test Tour: March 6th - 16th, 2024
Visit our MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal event store and test our revolutionary Flashbomb Fusion wetsuit! Made using Dry Seam technology and 100% E7 Flash Lining, this wetsuit has the ultimate balance of flexibility, warmth and durability. Experience over 50 years of innovation fused into one wetsuit that is 96% stitch-free.

Recycle Your Wetsuit at the event site: March 6th - 16th, 2024
In partnership with Terracycle, you can now recycle your old, surfed out wetsuits at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal event site! Recycled wetsuits are turned in soft fall matting at children's playgrounds around the globe.

Rip Curl Team Signing: March 8th - 10th, 2024.
It's your chance to meet the best surfers in the world. Snap a selfie and get an autograph from your favourite Rip Curl athlete at the competition village.

Opening Party at The Ride and Surf Resort in Baleal: March 9th, 2024.
- FAILTE Movie Premiere with 3x World Champion Tom Curren.
- Searching for Tom Curren screening. 
- The Dead Krazukies, a punk rock concert straight from Hossegor. 
- Local DJ sets.

Rip Curl Flagship Store:
If you’re in Penchie during the event checkout the Rip Curl Flagship Store at Avenida Da Praia Edificio, Peniche, Portugal. The store is packed with our latest threads, surfboards, wetsuits, and equipment.

Go Surf!
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If it’s a lay-day and the event isn’t running you can still catch a wave at one of the magnets along the coast. 

Stay in the Loop:
Is the Rip Curl Pro on today? We'll be doing daily updates on our socials each day of the waiting period. We’ll let you know The Call so you stay informed and don't miss out when it's ON!


2023 Winners Of The Portugal Pro2023 Winners Of The Portugal Pro

What To Bring:

Not sure what to bring to Peniche? Since the event is in March, it will be cold. A small price to pay to see the Worlds’ best surfers battle it on the biggest stage... Below we’ve got a list that’ll prepare you for anything Mother Nature can throw at you. In true Rip Curl fashion, you’ll be feeling comfy and looking epic.

The Anti-Series Range
When you're at the beach, a warm, windproof, and water-resistant jacket is essential. The Anti-Series collection is jam-packed with layers that are ideal for battling the rain, wind, and chill.
Shop Collection

Sun Protection
The chance of rain and wind is there, but most of the time the sun is out in Peniche! Plan ahead with the latest hats, caps, and of course, sunscreen.

Drink/Water Bottle
The Rip Curl Search Stainless Steel Drink Bottle is the perfect insulated flask. Fill it up with your favourite drink, both cold or warm! 
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Bags and Backpacks
It’s been mentioned a couple of times now, March in Peniche can be unpredictable. To stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, you’ll need to pack a lot of gear. There is no better way to carry your belongings than in one of our backpacks.
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The Perfect Wetsuit
Going to Peniche, you’re probably surfing. The water temperature will be around 14°C in March… Now, depending on how your body handles the cold, finding the ideal wetsuit is essential. Luckily, we have wetsuits for all kinds of conditions. If the cold is too much for you, check out the Flashbomb 4/3, Booties and Hood. Being the leader in wetsuit technology, this beauty features E6 neoprene with Thermo Lining covering the entire suit. In other words, it's the perfect balance of warmth and stretch.           
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Not In The Area?

Not able to travel to Peniche? Don’t miss a heat. Head over to World Surf League to watch all the action live. If you don't have the luxury of watching the entire event, you can still catch all the action with our daily highlight reels, posted right here

Looking for more information on the 2024 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal? 

Click here to visit our main event page!

Callum Robinson surfing in PortugalCallum Robinson surfing in Portugal