What Is The Search?

What Is The Search?

Two Rip Curl team riders checking the surf in Western AustraliaTwo Rip Curl team riders checking the surf in Western Australia

At Rip Curl, we’re all about The Search. But what does The Search mean?

It’s being honed for adventure – whether it’s the buzz of driving down a bumpy track to a deserted beach, or cruising up the highway to try a new break not far from home. It’s also a state of mind, always being ready to try something new, curious to seek out knowledge and learn the rules – and break them.

When we were adventuring through Western Australia recently we were keen to know what The Search means to the surfers who crossed our paths. These surfers live on a wild stretch of coast where there’s always a new wave or campsite just a little further down the road or off the beaten track. If anyone would know what The Search would feel like, it would be these wildly passionate women. 

Surfer Willow laughing whilst carrying her surboardSurfer Willow laughing whilst carrying her surboard

The Search is living for the thrill of finding that perfect wave, coming in from that long session salty and exhausted, but loving it and sharing the experiences with the people that you love.

For me, The Search is about going on a big adventure. It's going to places that are hard to get to; you'll be out in the sun all day and come back absolutely fried and full of so many happy memories. You've explored new places and you've met new people. Things go wrong and you might come back with broken boards, but it's just The Search. It's not always going to go your way, that's all a part of it. So it makes The Search that much better.

Rip Curl surfer paddling out. Rip Curl surfer paddling out.

About Summer Looks Good On You:
We hit the road to explore Western Australia and meet the local women who love the ocean and their community. We met members of a surf club who embrace adult beginners and an ocean dipping group who have created an inclusive space to boost confidence. We surfed with lovers of all crafts at their local breaks – a longboarder, a frothing shortboarder and a waterwoman who lives The Search. We talked about the importance of community, the shared joy of learning to surf and the courage it takes to try something new, whether that be paddling out on a foamie, or turning up alone to go for a morning swim with strangers. The common thread is through these experiences there was a community of like-minded women who soon became friends and continue to welcome newcomers with big smiles. Their aim in life is to have fun – together.