Rip Curl Virtual Pro Presented By Western Australia

Rip Curl Virtual Pro Presented By Western Australia

Rip Curl’s Virtual Pro presented by Western Australia has concluded, showcasing incredible performances from surfers around the globe.

This year's competition saw enthusiastic participation and impressive achievements, further solidifying the Virtual Pro as one of the most innovative and inclusive surfing contests worldwide.

Total Competitors

Being the second annual Virtual Pro, surfers showed up! Over 1,394 surfers logged 3,106 sessions in just 5 days.
And it wasn’t just localised to a few regions… Surfers logged sessions at over 619 breaks across 34 countries globally! 

Total Waves

Plenty of ‘board meetings’ through the week for our Search GPS surfers out there. During the 5 days we saw over 24,711 waves captured.
Thats the equivalent to 206 waves being logged per hour in the competition window! 

Stance Breakdown

Okay, so no real surprises here. During the Virtual Pro there was roughly two regular footers for every goofy surfer.

Top Speed 

Talk about white lightning! One quick surfer logged a wave just over 40km/h on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

Top Distance
One lucky surfer got the wave of a lifetime (and one helluva paddle back) catching a 748 meter wave with his Search GPS Surf Watch  

Longest Session
“Just one more…” One salty surfer logged a 3.45 hour session, talk about salty!

Total Distance 
After an epic 5 day competition window, Search GPS Surfers combined to paddle for over 11,680km (7,257 mi).
Thats almost the total distance paddled around the entirety of Austrlia (14,000 km)! Or, crossing from one side of the United Sates and back again.

How do you fair? Hit the water with a Search GPS Surf Watch today and keep an eye out for future Rip Curl Virtual Pro’s!