FÁILTE Starring Tom Curren, Gearoid McDaid & Leandro Usuna on The Search.

FÁILTE Starring Tom Curren, Gearoid McDaid & Leandro Usuna on The Search.

Get ready to dive into the cold waters of Ireland as Rip Curl & Wasted Talent bring you ‘FÁILTE’, a short film that captures the surf journey of three international surfing legends.

3x World Surfing Champion Tom Curren, Ireland's cold surf warrior Gearoid McDaid, and Argentinian national hero Leandro Usuna take on Ireland's coastline in Search of adventure, camaraderie, and connection with the local community.

Documented by Wasted Talent's keen eye and brought to life with Rip Curl's Search spirit, the clip is shot on location in the raw, verdant landscapes of Ireland. ‘FÁILTE’, which means "welcome" in Irish, is not just a greeting but an exploration of cultural connections, shared passions, and the spirit of welcoming the surf community into the fold.

Tricky forecasts, fun sessions in thick wetsuits, and epic gigs that only a place like McIntyre's Saloon in Ballyshannon can host.

Tom Curren getting barrelled in IrelandTom Curren getting barrelled in Ireland

We caught up with Tom, Gearoid & Leandro to chat about the trip...

Portrait of Gearoid McDaid in IrelandPortrait of Gearoid McDaid in Ireland

Gearoid McDaid:
Gearoid, as the local legend, what spot were you most amped to show the guys?
"I was pretty amped on showing the guys all the waves to be honest, there's a lot of waves that are so amazing that no one ever knows about. Everyone always sees Mully and Aileens in Ireland but it was a super cool trip to be able to show the guys all the other waves we have on offer."

How did it feel to have surf royalty like Tom Curren join the Irish lineup?
"It was definitely a surreal feeling having Tom in the water. It was pretty funny. Usually it's the groms frothing over the pros being over, messaging me trying to find out where we were surfing, but having Tom on the trip, it was all the older boys that were super frothing on Tom being in the water and trying to find out where we were gonna be surfing."

What’s one thing about the Irish surf community that you think surprised Tom and Leandro?
"I think just how welcoming and nice the whole Irish surf community is. It's not like anywhere in the world. I don't think everyone is always super nice and there's very rarely any anger in the water, everyone gets waves and everyone shows respect to each other. People are frothing to surf no matter what, howling winds, rain or snow there's always people in the water. It’s pretty sick how dedicated everyone is."

Black and white image of Leandro putting on his wetsuit in the streets of IrelandBlack and white image of Leandro putting on his wetsuit in the streets of Ireland

Leandro Usuna:
Leandro, coming from Argentina, what was the biggest culture shock you experienced on the Irish coast?
"The coast of Ireland is a giant country that ends in the sea, with its impressive, phosphorescent greenery. That impressed me a lot. Then, the culture is very European, but it also has a mix of countryside. In Argentina, it's very lively, but there are many buildings, castles, it's very old. 
What impressed me the most was the culture, the history of Ireland, and how beautiful the landscape is, with those mountains, some of the biggest mountains in the world, the largest cliffs in the world, with that phosphorescent green next to that impressive sea and obviously the waves."

How did the warmth of the Irish people compare to the chill of their waters?
"There was so much energy, and it made me feel a bit like I was at home in that sense. I felt like I was with many Latins, same as us Argentinians. It made me feel like they were just more Latins, because they are too friendly, too good-natured. And well, they also make you feel very happy in the water. In the water, they respect you a lot. Seeing you in the water, surfing the waves with them, enjoying that place.
Putting that energy into putting on your suit and being far away from the world, surfing those waves in the middle of nowhere. With that cold, they make you feel very respected, they make you feel very much a part of them, part of the community. The truth is, I felt as if the Irish were my brothers."

How does it feel to go on The Search with Tom Curren?
"It was something very special and something I will never forget. It was a unique trip that will never be repeated. Hopefully, it can be repeated somewhere else, but Ireland with Tom Curren, I don't think that will happen again. But the truth is I had an incredible time and I want to thank Rip Curl very much. I want to thank Tom Curren, Borja, and everyone who made this trip possible. We had a blast."

Portrait of Tom Curren holding his coffeePortrait of Tom Curren holding his coffee

Tom Curren:
Tom, after two decades, how'd it feel to surf in Ireland again?
"Ireland looks about the same, although the surfing community has grown, and there is a lot of amazing surfing going on."

What was your most memorable moment during this Irish surfari?
"Most memorable moment for me this time was getting to jam with Johnny Gallagher, and a couple of fun surf sessions with Gearoid, Lele and Frank!"

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Rip Curl crew sitting on their boards in the ocean with a rainbow in the backgroundRip Curl crew sitting on their boards in the ocean with a rainbow in the background
Rip Curl crew surfing in IrelandRip Curl crew surfing in Ireland
Tom Curren serving beers in a bar in IrelandTom Curren serving beers in a bar in Ireland
Rip Curl crew getting barrelled in IrelandRip Curl crew getting barrelled in Ireland
A ute tray full of surfboard bags driving along the cliffs of IrelandA ute tray full of surfboard bags driving along the cliffs of Ireland